An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems

An Inconvenient Book Real Solutions to the World s Biggest Problems The world is a mess Iran is developing nuclear capabilities obesity is reaching epidemic proortions the divorce rate is rising faster than petrol prices The solutions to these problems aren t conven

  • Title: An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems
  • Author: Glenn Beck Kevin Balfe Steve Burguiere Dan Andros Paul Starke Virginia Leahy Evan Cutler Patricia Balfe
  • ISBN: 9781416552192
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The world is a mess Iran is developing nuclear capabilities, obesity is reaching epidemic proortions, the divorce rate is rising faster than petrol prices The solutions to these problems aren t convenient, but radio and TV host Glenn Beck doesn t care about being convenient.

    • [PDF] An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems | by ✓ Glenn Beck Kevin Balfe Steve Burguiere Dan Andros Paul Starke Virginia Leahy Evan Cutler Patricia Balfe
      408 Glenn Beck Kevin Balfe Steve Burguiere Dan Andros Paul Starke Virginia Leahy Evan Cutler Patricia Balfe

    About “Glenn Beck Kevin Balfe Steve Burguiere Dan Andros Paul Starke Virginia Leahy Evan Cutler Patricia Balfe

    • Glenn Beck Kevin Balfe Steve Burguiere Dan Andros Paul Starke Virginia Leahy Evan Cutler Patricia Balfe

      Glenn Edward Lee Beck is one of America s leading radio and television personalities His quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made The Glenn Beck Program the third highest rated radio program in America and Glenn Beck, one of the most successful new shows on the Fox News Channel His unique blend of modern day storytelling and insightful views on current events allowed him to achieve the extraordinary feat of having 1 New York Times bestsellers in both fiction and non fiction Beck also stars in a live stage show and is the publisher of Fusion magazine Online, he is the editor of GlennBeck and the publisher of TheBlaze.Beck is the author of six consecutive 1 New York Times Bestsellers including his latest book, the thriller The Overton Window When The Christmas Sweater, his first novel, debuted at 1 on the fiction list, Beck became one of a handful of authors to write books that reached 1 on both the fiction and non fiction NYT lists.

    376 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems

    • So far just a bunch of Republican rhetoric and unsupported facts Lots of statistics but Beck doesn t list a single authority for them His brilliant solution to the problem of global warming is to do nothing What a genius His use of the English language is uninspiring to say the least and his pathetic attempts at humor fall far short of even a mild tickle racism and bald faced elitism are apparently not funny who knew I m only reading it to force my brother into watching Al Gore s movied out of m [...]

    • I have been a huge fan of Glenn Beck s radio show ever since he became syndicated back in 2002 If you actually take the time to LISTEN to his radio show for an extended period of time you realize that he is in a constant state of analyzing his choices, his philosophies and his political alignments He is not, despite what his detractors think, a mindless republican stooge or even a mindless CONSERVATIVE stooge He s just a regular guy who has made it big but who stays close to his values and never [...]

    • Wow If you have ever had a desire to be simultaniously entertained, horrified, and informed this is the book for you Glenn Beck offers his opinion on everything from global warming to illigal immigration, marriage and dateing, minimum wage, child molesters and dozens of other topics.It really got me thinking about a lot of things and because he is an entertainer as well as a comentator he does an excellent job at taking some topics that would be rather dry and making them fun I loved the quotes [...]

    • I rated this at 5 stars just to counter the mandatory 1 star I had to give Al Gore s book This book is by no means just a counter to Gore s book but includes other issues as well Some are deserving of this rating and others are just meant to be humorous The chapters on global warming, marriage, radical islam, political correctness, income gap, minimum wage, UN and others have good ideas and counter so much of the crap that we hear from so many sides in the media today Some of these chapters have [...]

    • I started reading this book late one night because I didn t have any other books to read The first few pages produced some stifled giggles, but then I started howling w laughter at the global warming section, to the point where Paul asked me to please go somewhere else so he could sleep.I like Glenn Beck s writing and his self deprecating sense of humor He doesn t take himself too seriously but is able to convey some of the world s serious problems and offer some good solutions to them, all whle [...]

    • I m a Glenn Beck fan, so I enjoyed this book, though not as much as his other The Real America , which I really recommend The book is a lot like his show with side notes, humor, and random thoughts It is an easy read, as it is broken up in many sections, and looks like a junior high school textbook with all sorts of charts, and graphics He is a funny guy with some good ideas and some crazy ones, that just might work.

    • Oh, you were really surprised when you came across this book review, weren t you Yeah, I m a big Glenn Beck fan Proof of just how nuts I am about Glenn Beck I wrote a Perl script to convert the live streams on the Glenn Beck Insider site which include bumper music and other types of material not fit for the podcast MP3s into MP3 or Ogg files I can listen to when I want Yeah I m a fan a geeky fan.Okay, so about this book It is very, very good In my opinion, this is how all conservative pundits an [...]

    • If you have a sense of humor, don t take yourself too seriously, and can take off the kaleidoscope glasses of contemporary liberal thought long enough to take an honest look at the world, you have to love Glenn Beck Glenn is a funny guy, a smart guy, and sometimes a scary guy Glenn frequently, self depreciatingly, refers to himself as a rodeo clown If you know what the rodeo clowns are really doing down there in the arena you may agree that this reference is actually a pretty accurate allegory f [...]

    • This book made me, laugh, think, and laugh some While I don t agree with everything that Glenn Beck says, I must admit that he on the ball than any other political commentator I have listened to He has this novel approach with stories, he actually investigates them Whereas most conservative political commentators are merely spokespeople for the Republican Party, Glenn is a spokesman for actual conservative family values.In other words, he tests to see if those who talk the talk also walk the w [...]

    • I found myself laughing, thinking, and being down right scared at times as I read this book It took me a while to get used to the change in subject and the off shoots ADD moments , but it would not be Glenn Beck without them Overall, this book gives what it promises, political issues from a perspective you just don t hear.My favorite quote is, As a parent of a toddler you mission is clear Keep Them Alive.

    • This book was slightly amusing, and while some of the world s biggest problems that it covered are real problems, some of them really are not problems at all, but just something to fill up the pages.I think that Glenn Beck is your average conservative windbag that wants to get heard His tactic for getting heard is by spouting off crazy ideas and shocking you He says in one chapter that people use statistics to lie to you all the time and that you can t trust statistics, yet he does the very same [...]

    • WARNING If you are a liberal whose sensitivities are easily upset, you may be offended by this book This is not politically correct However, Glenn s highly slanted, sometimes abrasive observations often than not fit with my own I think that much of the material is presented in a humorous way Al Gore probably would not It s also chock full of warnings about the dangerous path on which our nation is heading.

    • Glenn s ADD is really apparent in this book It bounces from illegal immigration to his alcoholism, from how he met his wife to global warming.

    • Glenn Beck is a funny guy with good common sense and realistic viewpoints on the world s problems Funny as heck in certain places and serious in others, it s a good read.

    • This is part of an ongoing project to challenge my own views.You have to get the audiobook The sarcasm and sighs and shouting just add to the experience.Here are my highlights Feel free to avoid reading the book for it s insights on global warming Scientists call people nasty names Scientists are boring and that s why they don t have girl friends Things a little warmer where I live would be nice Climate simulations We ran Madden 08 twenty times and it only once put the two right teams in the sup [...]

    • Was given this book for Father s Day I listen to Glen Beck occasionly and enjoy what he has to say most of the time so I was anxious to read it Like other reviewers I think this book works best if you don t try to read it cover to cover Read a chapter Set it aside for a couple of days Read another chapter.Who should read it Everyone I found some of it hilarious and some of it disturbing for multiple reasons Conservatives should read it because it will strengthen many of their positions with fact [...]

    • It s a pretty good book He offers great insights into some of the media driven liberal ideologies that seem to be crammed down our throat everywhere you look today such as Global Warming, Minimum Wage, Illegal Immigration But he also has some great chapters on personal lives, dating, marriage, parenting, etc And his voice is spot on if you ve ever seen his show or heard him talk, you can hear him saying the words as you read them But I would recommend breaking up the book and not trying to read [...]

    • A friend mentioned that she thought this book was really quite funny, but I had a very hard time with it For someone who professes to land in the middle of a lot of issues, I didn t see that Perhaps the humor comes across better in a radio show than in a book I must admit I ve never listened to him I agree with other readers who felt that the better parts of the book were where he stopped trying to be funny and just expressed his views The other thing that bothered me was the joking that those w [...]

    • I m not much of a Glenn Beck watcher listener, but my husband is I got this book for him for Christmas and he read it in an impressively short period of time He doesn t really like reading He really wanted me to read it, too I must admit that most of what Glenn Beck conveyed in this book made a LOT of sense It wasn t an incredibly fast read for me because the book s layout is like a text book But his A.D.D Moments are quite entertaining This book informs as well as entertains Glenn is a pretty [...]

    • Anyone who has an appreciation for sharp wit and sarcasm will enjoy this book This book, like many books in its genre, has parts that every reader will likely not agree withbut does have some good information and is an entertaiing read It is not the drawn and dry style so many books in its genre are written in This book will likely get you in front of your computer researching topics brought to light in this bookd you may be surprised what you will learn.

    • I listen to Glenn Beck s radio show every chance I get and was really looking forward to his book I thought some of the chapters were excellent and some where trying to be funny but weren t that funny Glenn is very funny in his show, but it didn t quite transfer over to me The chapters that I really liked left out the zany humor and laid out the facts.I would advise everyone to read this book just read fast on the silly stuff and get right to the meat of the matter.

    • Glenn Beck is my best friend, who never calls I love his opinion on politics and I am usually with him 100% of the time He is amazing He is one of my heros.I finished this book for a second time On our long drive to Illinois, I read it to my husband It is a great read Each chapter is a different topic.

    • I give this four stars in the area of political books, totally separate from fiction and non fiction Glenn Beck calls em how he sees em, and that s what I like about this one I especially liked his views on pornography Thanks for the reminder, Jen I forgot I read this one Good, quick read I highly recommend it Even if you re a Democrat, Donna ha.

    • Glennjamin, Glennjamin, Glennjamin He is just sopleasedwith himself It s either annoying or endearing depending on what mood you re in I happen to love him because I agree with most of what he says and he says it in an interesting way the book is set up to read like a textbook And, everyone says he looks like Dale .

    • This book was hilarious I ve been listening to Glenn for over 6 years and couldn t wait to read this It was hilarious, educational, true, and did I mention pee your pants hilarious He actually proved with charts and graphs that global warming is not caused by Carbon emissions, but by people giving their kids Ca names, like Caleb, Cameron, Caden, Calista, etc Would recommend to anyone.

    • This book was very funny in a lot of parts and pretty informative I enjoyed the read but will warn you that his sense of humor was inappropriate in some parts Thankfully you could always tell pretty early in the chapter if it was going to be a bad chapter and just skip over it I don t agree with him on everything in this book, but I agree with a lot of what he said.

    • We stood in line for awhile I took my nieces to the bathroom twice It was overcast, thank goodness, because it was in the high 90 s in the line the mall insisted wind outside the bookstore instead of through the mall Ran to pick up one book for my mom and missed Glenn Beck altogether Sheesh, no luck o the Irish there My leprochauns were clearly on vacation, but I did walk away with an unsigned copy and a signed copy of An Inconvenient Book by Glenn Beck My sister was with me, so she got the sig [...]

    • Haven t followed Glenn much since he left Fox a few years back Caught him recently on his new TV network, The Blaze If you listen to him nowadays, and compare it to this book, it s obvious that he s grown as a person and a thinker I remember watching him for the first time on HLN I had no idea who he was or what point of view he had He didn t always talk politics but I liked him for some reason Though I love political discourse, I think it was smart for Glenn to keep politics on the backburner o [...]

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