Cracked Sometimes there s no easy way out Victor hates his life He has no friends gets beaten up at school and his parents are always criticizing him Tired of feeling miserable Victor takes a bottle of his

  • Title: Cracked
  • Author: K.M. Walton
  • ISBN: 9781442434424
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sometimes there s no easy way out.Victor hates his life He has no friends, gets beaten up at school, and his parents are always criticizing him Tired of feeling miserable, Victor takes a bottle of his mother s sleeping pills only to wake up in the hospital.Bull is angry, and takes all of his rage out on Victor That makes him feel better, at least a little But it doesn Sometimes there s no easy way out.Victor hates his life He has no friends, gets beaten up at school, and his parents are always criticizing him Tired of feeling miserable, Victor takes a bottle of his mother s sleeping pills only to wake up in the hospital.Bull is angry, and takes all of his rage out on Victor That makes him feel better, at least a little But it doesn t stop Bull s grandfather from getting drunk and hitting him So Bull tries to defend himself with a loaded gun.When Victor and Bull end up as roommates in the same psych ward, there s no way to escape each other or their problems Which means things are going to get worse much worse before they get better.

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      K.M Walton is the author of the contemporary young adult novels, CRACKED 2012 , EMPTY 2013 , ULTIMATUM 2017 , and newly released BEHIND THE SONG anthology 9 5 17 She is represented by Jim McCarthy from Dystel, Goderich Bourret Literary Management.K M had a gazillion dreams when she was a little girl Her biggest dream was to be a teacher Teaching became a reality for K.M and she taught for twelve glorious years some of it in Osteen, Florida and most of it in Springfield, Pennsylvania But, it turns out writing is her favorite thing to do Even the hard parts and there are a lot of hard parts.K.M Walton also co authored a book on the teaching of mathematics called TEACHING NUMERACY 9 Critical Habits to Ignite Mathematical Thinking published by Corwin Press.

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    • This book was decent, but I was definitely far from amazed while reading this.I liked how the dual perspectives were done, where each chapter is sort of mirrored to the previous one It really emphasized the point that even though these two boys came from very different places and situations, they both had plenty of reasons to be unhappy and hurting Victor is privileged, but unloved my his parents, and bullied at school Bull, on the other hand, is abused at home by his family, so he takes out his [...]

    • Hi friends, I m gonna need you all to suspend the belief that I m a nice person for just a moment while you re reading this review because oh my god, this book is trash and there is no way I can write this review while simultaneously being nice So, Cracked It s about these two guys that have terrible lives Victor has parents that pretend he doesn t exist Bull lives with his abusive grandfather and his drug addict mother Victor is a loner and Bull bullies him Somehow, they end up as roommates whe [...]

    • It wasn t written terribly, but the plot and characters felt like an after school special than real people The bad parts were bad, but the simplistic solutions, and overly neat ending made everything that came before seem less significant I found myself wondering if that s all it took to make things better, than was it really that bad to begin with I found the changes the characters underwent were too forced, and too abrupt Bullying is an important issue, and, while I m glad authors are taking [...]

    • A solid read with two authentic and hurting male voices Bull s the bully but acts that way because that s the way he s grown up Victor, on the other hand, is the bullied and allows himself to be picked on because that s the way he s grown up There s a nice exploration of families, of social class, and of the importance of knowing you re loved giving love A couple of things didn t work for me, including the quick turn arounds of both boys when they d hit rock bottom I was hoping for a lot intera [...]

    • Call me cynical, but when I read a book about hard hitting themes like bullying and suicide, I don t necessarily want happily ever after While this book does a decent job tackling these two serious topics, I felt the rosy ending for these characters didn t jive with reality.This novel is told through the eyes of two boys chapters alternating between Victor and William Bull Victor is a victim of bullying done by Bull The bullying has gone on since kindergarten and hasn t improved At the same time [...]

    • Well hot damn FINALLY A book that really gets to the quick on issues like suicide, abuse and bullying for GUYS and from both POVs of the bully and the bullied it seems to be the case that a bunch of authors got the memo that, done right, the double POV can work magic I am so sad to say that this one flew under my radar until recentlyon the plus side, this means that her second book Empty is already out and I can read it right away Very well written this was a gripper It was very moving, quite sa [...]

    • This book has been touted as a great book about bullying It does give a very clear picture of what can happen to individuals when they are the pushed to the extreme of being the target of bullies, whether they be adult or peers The author also gives a good internal perspective of what the teens are feelings as victims of their situations This story seemed of a lesson in don t judge a book by its cover than in bullying Maybe teens will gain some perspective from it I was hoping to see of what h [...]

    • This book matters It s a simple as that Bullying is a pervasive issue in our society today and people need to be reading a book like this Why What makes this one special I have a few reasons why I think this is a stand out But first, I ll be honest with you K M Walton is a friend, an Apocalypsie and a fellow author at Simon Pulse I sort of wish this wasn t true because there will be many people that assume that my respect and love for CRACKED is influenced by those connections I d like to take [...]

    • Loved this author s writing style as well as story line We have one boy being bullied by the same kid most of his school life He is an outcast with no friends He is invisible to his parents who remind him he was an accident and generally ignore his whole existence except when he may do something to inconvenience their lives After his dog who was the only one that valued him passes away he is devestated and swallows a bottle of pills Then there is the second boy The bully And as we are shown the [...]

    • Enjoyed reading this book so so so much 1 i am curious about the books that william read, i want to read them too2 this book was so funny literally i loved bull aka william point of view3 i wish there were similar books.writing 5 5 it was captivating that i couldn t let go of the book, i loved everything about this book, i think i like male POVs than female POVs cuz they re short and funny i guess.i hate reading it so fast but i couldn t let it go, i want a SEQUEL Characters William 1 i have to [...]

    • While I absolutely loved the characters and the overall theme of Cracked, I didn t care much for the way Walton portrayed psychiatric units Most of the situations in the hospital felt out of place One thing that bothered me is the complete lack of interest from the nurses and staff when Victor tells them that he can t be roomed with Bull In my experience, people who knew each other outside of the hospital or people who couldn t get along were put on a sort of restraining order where they weren t [...]

    • Victor is the quiet kid in class who gets picked on and bullied on a daily basis His home life is no better His parents blame the majority of life s problems on their son, stating that if it was not for him life would be perfect Bull as you could probably tell by the name is the primary bully in school He comes from a broken home where he lives with his alcoholic mother and abusive grandfather Bull is both physically and mentally abused, so he in turn takes all of his anger and frustrations out [...]

    • Get out the Kleenex This powerful story of a victim and a bully who by chance find themselves in the same psychiatric ward of their town s hospital will move you to tears possibly repeatedly In an even, direct prose style, Walton nails the voices of her heroes and doesn t sugar coat their difficult circumstances And while Walton has conjured a compelling supporting cast of characters, it s Cracked s two vulnerable yet tenacious protagonists that will win your heart.

    • I cannot rave enough about this novel I was so completely emotionally invested in these characters that I cried at least four times and I hardly ever am moved to tears by books maybe only around 10 in the whole history of my reading life post childhood.More to come

    • I could not believe the coldness of Victors parents It made me so angry.This book was just okay Everything seemed to get better in the end which was a little to good to be true in a way Also, only 5 days in the psych ward I m so glad Victors grandma came to the rescue I was hoping Frank was actually Bulls dad, but I m glad he wasn t It just made it that much better.And Jazzer, the poor dog ugh.

    • I am something of a contemporary nerd A total contemporary nerd There, I said it, I have outed myself contemporary YA is my favorite genre and I love contemp books So I had wanted to readCrackedfor a long time, since the cover and synopsis were released My issues with the book were larger than I d hoped they would be but I still enjoyed the novel.Bull and Victor hate each other This is not some kind of low hate, like hating pepperoni or sausage on your pizza or hating a particular band or TV sho [...]

    • Really liked it I think it was really good for people who are struggling with depressing and anxiety and stuff.

    • I love the idea for Cracked Portraying both sides of a bullying incident, and pushing bully and bullied together in such an unlikely situation sounds fascinating But the actual book didn t work for me Cracked turned out to be too melodramatic and unrealistic for me to enjoy the novel.Cracked starts out describing both Victor s and Bull s lives and how horrible everything is, which already didn t work for me I don t want to sound insensitive, but it seemed like their stories were made up simply t [...]

    • I like this book, I really do That said, I nearly put the book down in the first 30 pages The main characters are a stereotypical bully and victim, almost painfully so I started to wonder if I was reading a young adult novel or a 300 page narrative pamphlet on bullying With a victim named Victor and a bully named Bull, it seemed a near thing.But it gets better The story starts out a little slow but you don t really notice it The author switches between the two main characters every chapter, and [...]

    • When I was in NYC earlier this month, my eyes spied the gorgeous cover of K.M Walton s debut novel, CRACKED I coveted it immediately, and my editor was kind enough to slip me a copy This book will be out January 3, 2012 Full disclosure K.M Walton is a fellow Apocalypsie and we share an editor Read below to see what I thought CRACKED is about two guys who are polar opposites, one with less than nothing and one who seemingly has everything Okay, I know what you re thinking These guys are going to [...]

    • Imagine having to share a room with your own personal bully 24 7 for five days That s what has happened to Victor Can he survive Will the strange pairing turn into friendship Victor keeps mostly to himself He is an exceptional student, especially in math He s so good he got a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT Unfortunately, his uber demanding parents are less than satisfied with his slightly lower scores on the rest of the test They ve decided to take their European vacation without h [...]

    • I was really looking forward to reading this book I always find myself being drawn to books about emotional and physical abuse, and I m not really sure why I think I like the psychology behind it I always wonder what makes a parent be nasty to their children or why someone becomes a bully at school Since I have never been personally affected by something like this, I find, that I need to understand it better, so I read books about it.After reading the synopsis of this book, I thought it was goin [...]

    • I love that there was than one person narrating the story I also loved that the character in the story were very deeply connected.

    • Grade C One Word CheesyWilliam aka Bull and the victim of his torment, Victor, end up roommates in a psych ward after suicide attempts One rich, the other poor One the victim of physical abuse, the other the victim of emotional abuse and neglect They re committed for five days with other troubled teens and must learn to support themselves and each other.Five days inpatient psychiatric treatment after a suicide attempt can barely scratch the surface, but most insurances won t pay for than that, [...]

    • Told in alternating chapters narrated by Victor and Bull, Cracked is the story of two young men who end up in a psych ward They have a long history Bull has been the schoolyard bully since kindergarten and Victor is a perpetual victim Each of them has problems at home to contend with as well, ranging from physical abuse to emotional neglect When Victor and Bull end up being roommates on the ward, I expected the story would be about learning to forgive and apologize It s about the idea that each [...]

    • My biggest problem with this book is that Victor s life is portrayed as some zero sum game with absolutely everything against him, but then it all gets fixed with little to no effort on his part Parents wish you didn t exist and the rest of your family is dead or far away Well, that family is now going to be here all the time and magically they ve always been on your side Your willful parents are now mere children now that grandma has come along Someone s been using you as an outlet for their ra [...]

    • Cover 4 5 Simple and effective I don t care for the black border I think a stark white cover with the cup of pills would have been aesthetically pleasing If I saw this on a bookshelf in a store, I d pick it up Characters 4 5 Bull and Victor are both great narrators Very different from each other, despite having the same wants acceptance, love, respect, normal lives I particularly enjoyed Victor, likely because I related to him and how he felt invisible and so anxious about rejection Plot 3 5 W [...]

    • I met K.M Walton at Children s Book World in Haverford, PA not too long ago at an author social She and I chatted about YA writing and how it has so much to offer to both teens and adults that it isn t dumbed down writing for a younger set That night I purchased her book Cracked, and she graciously signed my copy.This is the story to two boys Bull and Victor the bully and the bullied, but this is not the crux of their story Cracked is the story of two boys who are suffering at the hands of the a [...]

    • Reading about the lives of Victor and Bull was just absolutely heartbreaking but once I started reading it, I could not put it down even for a second.There was nothing I didn t like about this book I honestly don t think I could say a single bad thing It is a beautifully written story told from the point of view of two males, Victor and Bull who have two completely different lives but are ultimately longing for the same thing someone who actually cares about them.At first I definitely could feel [...]

    • Victor is the victim of a bully His parents don t care about him, they have unrealistically high expectations of him which he will never meet , and it seems like the only one who cares about him is Jazzer the teacup poodle Bull is a bully with a bad home life His pops beats him, his mother watches as it happens, and they both put drinking before him They could care less about him or if there is food in the fridge I felt for both of these characters Both abused in different ways and with so much [...]

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