The Vampire Stalker

The Vampire Stalker What if the characters in a vampire novel left their world and came into yours Amy is in love with someone who doesn t exist Alexander Banks the dashing hero in a popular series of vampire novels The

  • Title: The Vampire Stalker
  • Author: Allison van Diepen
  • ISBN: 9780545283755
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What if the characters in a vampire novel left their world and came into yours Amy is in love with someone who doesn t exist Alexander Banks, the dashing hero in a popular series of vampire novels Then one night, Amy meets a boy who bears an eerie resemblance to Alexander In fact, he IS Alexander, who has escaped from the pages of the book and is in hot pursuit of a wiWhat if the characters in a vampire novel left their world and came into yours Amy is in love with someone who doesn t exist Alexander Banks, the dashing hero in a popular series of vampire novels Then one night, Amy meets a boy who bears an eerie resemblance to Alexander In fact, he IS Alexander, who has escaped from the pages of the book and is in hot pursuit of a wicked vampire named Vigo Together, Amy and Alexander set out to track Vigo and learn how and why Alexander crossed over But when she and Alexander begin to fall for each other, Amy wonders if she even wants him to ever return to the realm of fiction.

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Vampire Stalker : by Allison van Diepen
      Allison van Diepen

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      Allison van Diepen is the author of many teen novels, including Takedown, Street Pharm, Snitch, Raven, The Oracle of Dating, The Oracle Rebounds, and The Vampire Stalker Her novels have been named ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers and New York City Public Library Books for the Teen Age Her latest is the heart pounding ON THE EDGE series set in Miami ON THE EDGE and LIGHT OF DAY are in stores now The final installment is RUN THE RISK, due out in early 2017.

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    • This book gives me nightmares.It is absolutely, undeniably, terrifying, to the point where it scares moi which is getting pretty hard to do any, unless you re an undead Japanese girl I have never been so horrified and shaken by any book in my entire life.Yah.So you may be wondering why this isn t in the horror genre That s because what I find so disturbing in this book is not the plot, but the concept.Think about it What if fictional characters were real Sure, you could go have your little Eddy [...]

    • 2.5I admit that I would never have read this if it wasn t a part of my group s Travelling Book Tour, but I m pleased to find that I am not left with that feeling of I ve just wasted several hours of my life However, this novel is so full of ups and downs it s almost impossible to rate and, despite the relatively low rating, it was a rather light, easy and not entirely unenjoyable read.The book is literally dedicated to a specific type of reader and you know who you are Are you the kind of person [...]

    • I don t believe it I have dreamt that Bones my top favourite Vamp comes to life like a thousand times so fari am so gonna read this book and be prepared just in case

    • There is nothing I wouldn t give or do to have my book boyfriend Noah Shaw Unbecoming of Mara Dyer to come out of the pages of the book.I want to see him in front of me I want to see all his gorgeous face, touch his firm muscles and moving on.I might say something totally X rated Hahaha Just kidding.Anyhow, the main character in this book, Amy, got her wish Lucky Her Amy was a huge fan the Otherworld series.She and her friends and about a million of other girls are going gaga for the Otherworld [...]

    • Alexander Banks was in the middle of pursuing his vampire enemy, Vigo Skaar when they both suddenly found themselves in a different Chicago than the one they were just in It s after saving Amy Hawthorne from Vigo s attack that he learns where he is at Just a week ago, Amy and her friends were obsessing over the release of the second book in the Otherworld series Now Amy cannot believe Alexander Banks really just saved her life Until he shows her scars only the real Alexander would have Now with [...]

    • Before My god this sounds totally amazing how many times haven t I dreamt one of my loved characters became real O Must read thisAfter I liked it It was nice and an easy read but I just felt that the idea which is awesome could have gone much farther, be developed, like it was kind of wasted The first time I knew of this book I though the main character, Amy, would have been older and I so I expected the story to have gone places and be elaborated.ybe even a series I was like split in two, en [...]

    • The Vampire Stalker is a cute, sweet and ridiculously entertaining story with an orginal concept It brings a whole new meaning to making the characters come aliveterally.Recommended to readers with an open mind and who can go with the flow as well as those who are looking for a fun, light and easy escape.Really cute

    • 3.5It s than obvious that The Vampire Stalker was written for a specific type of reader, but for those of you who don t spend hours daydreaming about certain fictional male characters, you can still enjoy this book nonetheless I can t decide whether or not The Vampire Stalker is actually young adult I m thinking so middle grade ish While the concept definitely fits YA, there was also quite a bit of juvenile dialogue and toned down gory scenes You will probably find Amy to be a very relatable p [...]

    • DNF I had a very difficult time getting into this book The premise made it sound awesome Who wouldn t want to read a book where a girl meets the hero from a novel within the world she lives in I thought the story and romance was going to be amazing because it was such a unique idea.Problem was, this read way too much like a bad fanfiction There was way too much telling way too early in the novel, and since I was not invested yet, I did not care about the fictional universe set within this world [...]

    • not to hand in Just finished reading The vampire stalker.I had to read this book because it was chosen to be one of the top 20 nominees of 2013 s Red Maple Reading program.There s really nothing to hate about this book except one thing There should be a second book to this Showing what happens after all the trauma and happy endings.When I first began reading this book,I thought it would be another twilight impostor, but it wasn t even close to what i d thought it would have been This book made m [...]

    • The Vampire Stalker hadn t elicited any huge expectations for me when I first found out about it I was intrigued by what I d heard and read about it, but there wasn t this blinding need to read it After taking the time to do so, I d have to say that I enjoyed it and it will go on in my Guilty Pleasures Pile something I liked, couldn t stop reading despite it s lack of an awesome or believable storyline, even though it s not something should like given that its not the most unique vampire story t [...]

    • Red Maple 2 For my second Red Maple, I read The Vampire Stalker , written by Allison van Diepen When Amy the protagonist meets Alexander Banks she doesn t know what to believe That s because he couldn t be real either that or he was in a costume He resembles the Alexander Banks from a novel in a, charming, handsom, brave way, that is Alexander Banks comes to life from Elizabeth Howard s popular vampire novels in search of Vigo a blood sucking, gory, ruthless vampire antagonist , who has also com [...]

    • This review was originally posted on Young Adult At HeartSUMMARYAmy is in love with the brooding fictional hero of a book series called Otherworld Alex is a vampire hunter who accidentally finds himself in Amy s world Can the two figure out why their world met, and can Alex stop the vampire he s hunting before Amy s world is turned as dark as his own PLOTI really liked the plot of The Vampire Stalker because it involved what the author called literary physics , the theory that some authors don t [...]

    • Don t cha just hate it when a book you re looking forward to turns out to be a disappointment When I first heard about this book a few months ago, I really wanted to read it I m not sure why It just sounded like it would be really fun and interesting and different from other YA paranormal books out right now.In the end, the book was entertaining but it wasn t anything than that and it is one that I ll probably have forgotten I even read within a day or two.I didn t like the writing at all it s [...]

    • Genre Paranormal Romance Rating 4.0 Review The Vampire Stalker, by Allison Van Diepen, is the story of 16 year old Amy Hawthorne who is an obsessed book lover and follower of Alexander Banks Otherworld series Banks is a vampire hunter who lives in an alternative realty Chicago where vampires came out in the 1920 s and human evolution and technological advancement stopped on a dime It is where vampires own the night, and humans only go out during the day time.In Amy s Chicago, vampires aren t rea [...]

    • The premise of this book is absolutely fantastic and I m sure that a lot of readers will be able to answer with a definite yes to this books tagline Ever been in love with a boy in a book I know that I can If you like vampires and or you ve ever had a crush on a fictional character, this is something that you might enjoy.Full marks to the author for the idea of this book, it sounds really interesting and did make me pick up this book immediately There were a few issues that I had with the actual [...]

    • Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThere are a number of different factors that can cause a reader to buy a book the cover, the author, the description, or maybe a good review With THE VAMPIRE STALKER, it was a single sentence concept A character from a popular vampire series steps out of the book and into heroines reality That s it I didn t need to see the cover which is perfect , I didn t need to know who the author was this was my first book by van Diepen , and I didn t even need to r [...]

    • You know the kinds of book series that you are thinking about constantly The ones that you would not mind at all waiting in a line forever to be the first to get the new installment or to get your book signed Series like The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games which I still have yet to read Now imagine Edward Cullen because Jacob is a sorry excuse for a point on a love triangle , Harry Potter, Jace Wayland, or your favorite Hunger Games character appeared in the [...]

    • I was hooked on this story from the moment I met it s main character Amy Like many of us, Amy has her favorite book series that she obsesses over When she s not reading the book she hits the forums to talk about her favorite fictional crush, and about what s going to happen in the upcoming release Not that I could even remotely relate to this cough, cough Like any obsessed fan who can t wait to get our hands on the next sequel of our favorite series, Amy and her friends meet up early one morning [...]

    • Originally posted Book WhalesHave you ever been in love with a fictional character Definitely I ve fell in love with at least one character in every book I ve read and when I found out about The Vampire Stalker s Synopsis, I can t help but feel excited I was glad I found a book about fictional characters coming to life We all know Amy, the protagonist of the story, has been in love with Hot Vampire Hunter, Alexander Banks But she never expected the sudden turn of events when she was saved by her [...]

    • Reaction The book pulled me in at the beginning ultimately because people such as me book lovers can relate the moment they begin reading while Amy tells us about her love for a fictional character and how she is awaiting the release of the next book in the series I believe we have all had a crush on one book character or another and this one really gives us a chance to see a girl actually get a chance to meet the boy she has fallen in love with before they even meet in person.Characters Amy Amy [...]

    • The Vampire Stalker is such a sweet and fascinating story I loved how simple and beautiful Allison s idea was We all want our favorite fictional character to be real and that s what happens to Amy She gets to meet her favorite character Alexander Banks, who s purpose in life is to kill Vigo, the evil vampire, which makes Alexander the Vampire Hunter Alexander is from another world or it could be dimension which is exactly similar to Amy s but has a dark present like all the vampires rule that wo [...]

    • I Knew the moment i saw the dedication For Those of you who have ever fallen in love with a character in a book that i would fall in love with this book and boy was i right the very first page i was enchanted and wrapped up in the story line i could bearly peel my eyes off my kindle The Characters are entertaining and totally realatable I have often dreamt of and been in love with the Characters in books that i am reading hence my page s profile pic Boys in Books are just better and my car stick [...]

    • This book was a mixture of a lot of ideas While I was reading this book there were several movies that came to mind Last Action Hero bad guy in the book to totally reminded me of the bad guy in this movie , Stranger Than Fiction, Kate Leopold Whew that was a lot I thought this was a cute story and the concept of the plot was very intriguing boy you are totally crushing on comes to life from the books you absolutely adore swoon time The main problem that I had was some of the unbelievable element [...]

    • Where do I start The Vampire Stalker is every girl who reads paranormal romances dream.As soon as I opened this novel it pulls you in So much is going on is just the first few pages From the beginning till the end I was on edge turning each page Its was like a time bomb waiting to happen it was fantastic.This cleverly written book is amazing Imagine reading an amazing romance novel and with all your heart hoping the lead guy was real.was everything you hoped for Well Amy s dream has come true an [...]

    • Honestly, I m surprised there aren t books like this I mean, how many of us have fallen in love with a character before Most of us Between Harry Potter, Twilight, and Mortal Instruments, most of us has had a crush on at least one guy in a book.Having that certain guy cross over from the land of the imaginary to our world sounds like it d be pretty sweet the jury s still out on whether or not I actually want that to happen, after seeing what happened to Amy I thought it was a truly awesome premi [...]

    • Allison van Diepen has got to be one of the most underrated YA writers of this generation Her fiction always sparkles with originality even if it has to do with cliched plots like this one I always loved metafiction I love that this is a story within a story Like always, Van Diepen doesn t shy away from giving readers all the information her books are always packed with back story and drama and the same thing goes with the fictional Otherworld books She s got it all figured out and that s why I [...]

    • The protaginoes in the story are Amy, Alexzander, and Vigo The conflict in this story is that Vigo an evil vampire Is in the real Chicago instead of the otherwrld Chicago 2 different dimensions Vigo is killing humans and Alexzander has to stop Vigo from murdering humans I actually felt like this book was a page turner, even though in the beginning its quite uninteresting it gets better and better by each chapter When you get further into the book you cant stop reading I loved this book it wasnt [...]

    • I ve read this book alright, like 3 years ago but I ve read it I m also quite sure I m enjoyed it I m going to be soon reading her On the Edge, so if I like it, I ll be rereading this to remember what it s actually about I remember the bone structure of the book but not exactly all of it.

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