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Love Sleep The long awaited new novel by one of the most important American authors of magical realism In Aegypt Crowley opened the gates on a world of magic and mystery lying just beyond our own In Love Sleep

  • Title: Love & Sleep
  • Author: John Crowley
  • ISBN: 9780553096422
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The long awaited new novel by one of the most important American authors of magical realism In Aegypt Crowley opened the gates on a world of magic and mystery lying just beyond our own In Love Sleep, the second novel in a projected tetralogy, he renews his claim on the exalted territory of the imagination.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information.John Crowley was born in Presque Isle, Maine, in 1942 his father was then an officer in the US Army Air Corps He grew up in Vermont, northeastern Kentucky and for the longest stretch Indiana, where he went to high school and college He moved to New York City after college to make movies, and did find work in documentary films, an occupation he still pursues He published his first novel The Deep in 1975, and his 15th volume of fiction Endless Things in 2007 Since 1993 he has taught creative writing at Yale University In 1992 he received the Award in Literature from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.His first published novels were science fiction The Deep 1975 and Beasts 1976 Engine Summer 1979 was nominated for the 1980 American Book Award it appears in David Pringle s 100 Best Science Fiction Novels.In 1981 came Little, Big, which Ursula Le Guin described as a book that all by itself calls for a redefinition of fantasy In 1980 Crowley embarked on an ambitious four volume novel, gypt, comprising The Solitudes originally published as gypt , Love Sleep, D monomania, and Endless Things, published in May 2007 This series and Little, Big were cited when Crowley received the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Letters Award for Literature.He is also the recipient of an Ingram Merrill Foundation grant His recent novels are The Translator, recipient of the Premio Flaianno Italy , and Lord Byron s Novel The Evening Land, which contains an entire imaginary novel by the poet A novella, The Girlhood of Shakespeare s Heroines, appeared in 2002 A museum quality 25th anniversary edition of Little, Big, featuring the art of Peter Milton and a critical introduction by Harold Bloom, is in preparation.Note The John Crowley who wrote Sans pines, la rose Tony Blair, un mod le pour l Europe is a different author with the same name website

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    • Starting in a time in the future, perhaps the end, of the series before plunging backwards through time to the childhood of Pierce Moffet, Love Sleep starts living up to its name as events are related in a dream like sequence and super natural beings come and go depending on whether the characters are awake or not Love Sleep is the Summer Quaternary of the Aegpyt cycle The wants and desires of the characters are established, and they now actively work towards their goal even as the threat of Aut [...]

    • Inevitably a disappointment, coming after The Solitudes, which gives the quartet such a strong start But I suspect Love and Sleep is satisfying the second time around, when the reader has a better idea of its strengths as well as its many weaknesses The main problem is the way its parts fail to fit together into any kind of whole The quartet probably helps one make sense of this part after one has read through the whole of it, but the first time through Love and Sleep, one finishes the book rem [...]

    • I think it is clear that all writers affect readers differently And while I assume that for most people, John Crowley can be considered an acquired taste But for me, as a general rule, I find that I tend to sink into his books and when I come up to breathe, its like I have suddenly been rudely awaken from a rather surreal dream though some would argue ALL dreams are surreal, but be that as it may Mr Crowley s books tend to haunt my memory long after I have finished them in a very hallucinatory m [...]

    • i read this book present tense i have read in this book since 1994 taking it with me for 4 vacations opening it like some open the bible not because it is a religious text but because i trust every page and enjoy every accidental paring of my life with random commentary insight of the four books in the Aegypt series, this is the one i love uncritically still breathless, still laughing, still making notes in the margins so given how intensely personal the relationship has become, i cannot exactly [...]

    • Near the end of Aegypt 1987 the award winning novel to which Love Sleep is the sequel John Crowley reveals to us a secret, a key to how meaning is conveyed in legendary narratives not logical development as much as thematic repetition, the same ideas or events or even the same objects recurring in different circumstances, or different objects contained in similar circumstances the pattern continues until a kind of certainty arises, a satisfaction that the story has been told often enough to seem [...]

    • As many other reviewers have pointed out, Love and Sleep occasionally feels sluggish, irrelevant, disjointed Its John Dee chapters seem sapped of the magic that inhabited them in The Solitudes, and the portions near the end of the book develop some momentum suddenly, but in a really disorienting way The book fails to feel like a coherent whole despite its incessant synchronicity and recursion However, Crowley s skills and joys are far from absent His unmatched ability to invoke arcane sorts of n [...]

    • This series is like a best friend I forget how much I love it and how much of myself I wrapped around it until I go back and open my eyes to its familiarity I will write a real review someday perhaps when I finish the series but for now I don t really have words just warm feelings Amazing

    • I loved this book First for its poetry, and for the trail of allusions to follow stones and mining, fires and fevers, roses, dogs and werewolves, to name just a few I loved the characters from Bruno to Rosie to Pierce Yes, the story is disjointed that s kind of the point Yes, a lot of the story is internal to the characters I m completely happy to be patient when the writing is so good I loved it for the ideas about shifting time, about love as magic, about good and evil Crowley is exceptional a [...]

    • One of the best fantasy novels I have ever read This is my third re read, and the book never flags for me Prose that sustains the level of poetry all the way through, inventive characters, plots, and sub plots Perfection, Crowley s best after Little, Big.

    • Strange, beautifully written, almost plot less, thought provoking, and not without some irritating stumbling blocks Definitely a continuation of the first and meant to be followed up with the third Warning you won t understand this review without some knowledge of the first book Let s see, what happens That s actually a hard question with this book I don t consider any of what I m going to list as major spoilers like I said, not really a plot driven book , but you might want to stop reading if y [...]

    • I just reread this book Dec 10, 2014 Jan 4, 2015He began then to collect stories, searching for evidence of what he had perceived, undaunted by the fact that he did not himself know what laws governed the universe, or what it was made of While the children s crusade pressed on around him into the future, Pierce turned back, into the history he was suppose to have already learned at Noate he struck, in wonder and delight, a thick vein of gold lying beneath the overburden of common clay and rocks [...]

    • I liked book 2 of the Aegypt cycle than book 1, The Solitudes In fact, I liked Love and Sleep so much that I am inclined to go back and reread The Solitudes There is still a strong emphasis on metaphysics, but it seemed less cerebral than The Solitudes, and we learn a lot about the main characters To me these were the gripping sequences in the novel the ones that reveal Pierce Moffett s life or Rosie Rasmussen s not the ones that took place in the sixteenth century, though I understand why the [...]

    • This was a difficult and sometimes frustrating second installment There were moments when I was swept up in the complicated layers of what was happening, and other times when I was seriously confused as to what the hell was going on The frustration mostly comes from the fact that these gypt books include little hints and insinuations about the plot that are still mostly unresolved after, like, 1600 pages of difficult prose It is all endless suggestion that never leads to any payoff, and it s har [...]

    • John Crowley is a magical author, but I completely understand why this imposing series is a little neglected It s souneventful seeming, at least in its modern thread I mean the the main character uses the revelation that the world has entered a stage where reality is changeable topick up chicks Well I m being a little glib he also creates a son male erotic figure for himself intentional ick , but this is basically a long book, in a long series, that is resolutely low key despite being about hist [...]

    • This second book in a tetralogy The Aegypt Cycle requires you to have read the first, to an even greater degree than many other series If you ve read the first and are debating reading the second, see my review here on here The date I read this is approximate, but I m sure it was within six months of the release of the Bantam paperback in the U.S I had read the first book in The Aegypt Cycle when it came out six years earlier At that time, I had no idea this would be a 20 year project for author [...]

    • Love Sleep was a lot slower going than The Solitudes, and a 3 1 2 than a solid 4 for that Still, it works well within the context of the series As with The Solitudes, it helps to have read a bit about the Western Mystery Tradition Hermeticism, Alchemy, Renaissance occultism, Rosicrucianism, etc , Classical Mythology, Ars Memorativa, and Gnosticism, but it s by no means necessary Readers with some knowledge of these subjects will catch all kinds of sly, veiled references and apparent references [...]

    • I am really going to have to reserve judgment and a full review until I have read the entire series Love and Sleep is the second in the Aegypt cycle I found this book solid and coherent in structure and character than the first The Solitudes and although parts of it were kind of a slog, especially the 16th century parts, I mostly enjoyed it and continue to be intrigued with the ideas and where it s going But the Aegypt cycle is very much one book, written in four parts, and so the story is stil [...]

    • I really want to like this book and this tetrology, but I have to put it down I read the first 400 pages or so in about a week, and then let the last 50 languish on my bedroom floor Maybe reading the first two in succession was not the best idea, as the wandering structure and lack of definite idea or one idea that does indeed bear repeating but not THAT MUCH, man, not that much strain the integrity of the characters The problem might be that I m not ready to understand and appreciate the full i [...]

    • Part two of John Crowley s Aegypt cycle appealed to me even than the first book There is much about John Dee and Giordano Bruno here, ostensibly as part of fictitious author Fellowes Kraft s last novel There are ruminations on werewolves and an incredible first section about the protagonist s childhood with his Uncle s family in Kentucky These books make a nice introduction to Hermeticism and boast wonderful characters in very interesting situations A good friend recommended The Golden Builder [...]

    • Better than The Solitudes, or perhaps starts to flesh out some of the glaring empty spaces of that novel meaning I should boost the first book s rating Reading the rest of the gypt Cycle is a necessity at this point.Gripes The Overlook Press edition 2008, ISBN 978 1 59020 015 5, printing 2 has a handful of layout errors in Genitor, chapter 14, actually resulting in lost text On page 329 Another layout problem, but only one line duplicated from the bottom of p 328 to the top of 329 no lines seem [...]

    • Since this won t fit in the appropriate box below I heartily recommend this book, and its companion novels, to fans of magical realism, philosophical fantasy, and people who like to chew on a book before setting it down _Love Sleep_ is the second of John Crowley s Aegypt cycle, currently being republished after enough time out of print that Powells didn t have any copies Begin with _The Solitudes_, and by the time you finish _Love Sleep_, you ll be lucky enough that _Daemonomania_ has come out i [...]

    • Love Sleep really shows off Crowley s love affair with language, if nothing else His lyrical prose is sometimes the only thing that kept me going throughout the novel, though I found the first book the most engaging and accesible, but as always the dissonance of shifting narration caused me some trouble Nevertheless, a solid installment in Aegypt though I wouldn t want to read this one first, or even alone.

    • A dense collage of allusion and metaphysics, focused on the connection between the personal and the eternal Books within books and points of view mix together like marbling, and the characters wade through the world with outward confidence masking long, tortured internal monologues.Like the plot, the main character strides forward on self conscious instinct, and comes across as an illustration of a point rather than any kind of motive force.

    • Somehow slower than the first book Nothing really happens But reading it while learning from Western esoterism manual oh, that was such a good idea It s not an easy book it s masterly written, obviously, it s John Crowley, after all but now I can t imagine reading it without this, well, quite hermetic knowledge Slow on the surface, but with such amazing depth.

    • I cannot CEASE to be amazed at how brilliant John Crowley is I mean, he truly truly boggles the mind The way he weaves in the scholarly and the esoteric with the emotional fabric of his character s lives brings me to tears at least once a page I am so stoked that there are still two books to read

    • Though it pains me to do it, only 3 stars for this one There was just a lot of dead prose in here, lots of repeating information about characters to tune you back in on who s who and what happened in book 1 I wonder if the publisher made him put in in Would rather plow through 1500 pages straight then have to read these somewhat passive refreshers.

    • renaissance magic, alchemy, witches, werewolves, angels, crystal balls, Giordano Bruno John Dee.what s not to like This is the second book in Crowley s book Aegypt tetraology Start with book The Solitudes.

    • Carries on where The Solitudes left off, weaving together an enticing web of stories from history, imagination and reality however, I m REALLY hoping that there is going to be a revelation of some kind before Book 4, because it ll be disappointing otherwise

    • Placeholder review Not sure that I know any other single person that I would confidently recommend this book to But it works for me Guess I am just a good target for the kinds of spells Crowley likes to conjure Time for a break, but eventually the third book will begin calling.

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