The Hunt of the Unicorn

The Hunt of the Unicorn Elayne thinks the old family story that one of her ancestors stepped through a tapestry into a world of mythical beasts makes a great fireside tale But she lives in the real world In New York City And

  • Title: The Hunt of the Unicorn
  • Author: C.C. Humphreys
  • ISBN: 9780375858727
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elayne thinks the old family story that one of her ancestors stepped through a tapestry into a world of mythical beasts makes a great fireside tale But she lives in the real world In New York City And she s outgrown that kind of fantasy.Until she finds herself in front of a unicorn tapestry at the Cloisters museum and sees her initials woven into the fabric And hears aElayne thinks the old family story that one of her ancestors stepped through a tapestry into a world of mythical beasts makes a great fireside tale But she lives in the real world In New York City And she s outgrown that kind of fantasy.Until she finds herself in front of a unicorn tapestry at the Cloisters museum and sees her initials woven into the fabric And hears a unicorn calling to her And slips and falls into that other world.Suddenly the line between fantasy and reality isn t so clear But the danger is real enough Almost before she can think, Elayne is attacked by a ferocious beast, rescued by a unicorn, and taken prisoner by a tyrant king Each of them seems to have an idea about her that she s a hero, a villain, dinner But Elayne has a few ideas of her own She wants to overthrow the king she wants to tame the unicorn She wants to go home And she s willing to become both hero and villain to do it.

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      aka Chris HumphreysChris C.C Humphreys was born in Toronto, lived till he was seven in Los Angeles, then grew up in the UK All four grandparents were actors, and since his father was an actor as well, it was inevitable he would follow the bloodline Chris has performed on stages from London s West End to Hollywood in roles including Hamlet, Caleb the gladiator in NBC s AD Anno Domini , Clive Parnell in Coronation Street , PC Richard Turnham in The Bill , the Immortal Graham Ashe in Highlander , Jack Absolute in The Rivals This performance led to him writing the Jack Absolute novels and they say acting doesn t pay Bizarrely, he was also the voice of Salem the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch A playwright, fight choreographer and novelist, he has written eleven adult novels including The French Executioner , runner up for the CWA Steel Dagger for Thrillers The Jack Absolute Trilogy A Place Called Armageddon Shakespeare s Rebel and the international bestseller, Vlad The Last Confession He also writes for young adults, with a trilogy called The Runestone Saga and The Hunt of the Unicorn The sequel, The Hunt of the Dragon , was published Fall 2016 His recent novel Plague won Canada s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel in 2015 The sequel, Fire is a thriller set during the Great Fire, published Summer 2016 Both novels spent five weeks in the top ten on 2016 s Globe and Mail and Toronto Star Bestseller lists His new novel is Chasing the Wind about 1930 s aviatrix and thief Roxy Loewen, will be in Canada published in June 2018 Several of his novels are available as Audiobooks read by himself Find him here at Audible tiny q83sqyHe is translated into thirteen languages In 2015 he earned his Masters in Fine Arts Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia Chris now lives on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, with his wife, son and cat, Dickon who keeps making it into his books Check out his website cchumphreys

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    • This fantasy has it all A great division of the two different worlds Mythical creatures such as the Cerberus, Cyclops, and of course the Unicorn A heroine who just doesn t know what she s capable of A tyrant king The list goes on.I found that the book was quick in it s pacing and kept moving the storyline along There were no dull moments at all Both boys and girls will like this book as it has something for everyone Between the small moments of romance there are many moments of danger and fight [...]

    • Is it possible to give unicorns a dark side I ve come to the conclusion that unicorns are probably the hardest sell of all magical creatures Sure, they are right up there with rainbows and butterflies on the popularity scale for most females under the age of fourteen or at least they used to be before Edward came along , but the mythology of unicorns is pretty simple In the same way vampires are an embodiment of darkness, unicorns are an embodiment of purity A unicorn is a healing creature with [...]

    • This review may also be found on A Thousand Little Pages.Elayne has lost all hope for her father s recovery as he battles leukemia, and it is with a feeling of defeat that Elayne sits down with him one night and cracks open the old volume entitled The Maid and the Unicorn Elayne reads of the story of the magical weaver Francois Robochon, his daughter and her namesake Alice Elayne, and the escape from Goloth, Land of the Fabulous Beast on the back of a unicorn Even as Elayne scoffs at the fantast [...]

    • This is the story of Alice Elayne, a young girl whose father is dying of cancer In order to help him through the difficult days, she reads to him from a book that is supposedly the story of their family For hundreds of years, there has been an Alice Elayne in the family, along with the book and a small box Inside the box is a piece of a unicorn s horn Supposedly in the beginning, an ancestory wove a tapestry that, with the touch of a unicorn s horn, opened a doorway between two worlds the ordina [...]

    • This book has received rather low ratings frown and I am not a technical reviewer or a precise critique, I just rate books on how much I enjoy them Once I picked up this book, I just kept reading it I read it until 3 am when I was done with it, and it was a really good read I hadn t done that in a while and it felt so refreshing to be that into a book I wholeheartedly recommend it for those into different worlds split rather masterfully, mythical creatures, and heroines books that pleasantly sur [...]

    • Before I begin my review, I should make one thing clear I am a unicorn lover and collector, taking care to only keep gorgeous, majestic unicorns around forget the childish, cute ones I feel this is a necessary tidbit about me, as it might well, probably does influence my opinion of this book or any book wherein one of the main subjects is a unicorn Well, I don t know, maybe not I mean, a bad book is a bad book, whatever creatures might be within its pages anyway, no, this is most definitely NOT [...]

    • More like 3.4 3.5 stars I read this book all the way through in one sitting The writing style and story was engaging, but I did have some nit picky things about the characters I did love the details around the history of the tapestries created in this story I m happy to see that our heroine learns and honors her promises to her most true friend Moonspill Still, I feel that the other characters were a bit underdeveloped The king elect, Leo, is one example in the fantasy story He does some noble t [...]

    • This was a decent kids or YA fantasy read that might be elevated to great if you love unicorns, fairytale legendary mythical beasts and old school fairytale quest fantasy The tone felt a little dated compared to current trends it is 2011 , but there were interesting ideas woven into the narrative and an easy to follow, coherent if a little predictable plot Characterization felt a bit lazy the heroine is remarkable for her maiden ness and general naivety, the only other named human female charact [...]

    • I will never forgive this author for killing that poor griffin chick Two stars gone just for that alone Other then that a good book Had some good twists Got hella annoyed with Elayne, she was a complete and utter idiot She made horrible choices Didn t like Leo, he was a chauvinistic pig and I hope he dies The unicorn was great, the magical creatures were wonderful, and I liked that everything sort of works out in the end Just not for that baby griffin UGH.

    • Not a bad story, but I cannot help but feel that it s trying too hard It s so big and colourful, but it comes across like a first or second draft It s like it was put in the bookstore too soon, and cut off from being a epic storyBah, don t listen to me Unicorn stories are always cool, including this one

    • Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick Dirty A fantasy book with good action and a fun adventure, but the characters were hard to relate to I would recommend it for the middle grade age group.Opening Sentence Thunderstorms rumble nearer, the air charged with static, as sticky hot as only a New Orleans night can be.The Review Elayne is a young girl living with her sickly father Her mother died a few years ago and now her father has cancer The treatments haven t been going very well and they [...]

    • I received this book as a ARC for doing reviews on my local teen library blog The only things Elayne cares about are her dad and the cancer that is poisoning his body When he tells her about the family history and how one of her ancestors came into this world through a tapestry, she thinks it is great story Maybe it will take their minds off the fact that he s going to the doctors the next day for tests.The next day while on a school trip to the local art museum Elayne sees the unicorn that was [...]

    • I give this book a 3.5 5So in the beginning we learn that Elayne lives reading Also that her dad is sick We don t know with what yet, but he has to go to the hospital for tests One night her dad asks Elyane to start reading her a book in titled The Maid and the Unicorn He tells her this is her families story and she will need to know incase something happens to him It tells of the original Alice Elayne and her father How her father was a prophet, he made tapestries And how there as a hunter, Ada [...]

    • Rating 3.5 starsI can t give it a 3 stars since it seems to low and I really enjoyed the book but can t seem to give it a full 4 stars either The tale was as fantastic and whimsical as the world of fabulous beasts,although I wish that they played of a role in the story than they actually did The unicorn and the main character taking up most of the book The first 3 chapters were prolly the hardest to get through Not that I didn t enjoy thembut It through me off a bit reading a story within a sto [...]

    • When Elayne s father asks her to read a story the night before he goes into the hospital, she grudgingly agrees It s a fantasy, about maids and unicorns, but it s also a family history Elayne is the descendant of a girl who promised to help a unicorn, should he need it And suddenly Elayne is swept into a world of magical beasts, hunts, and a dangerous ruler determined to whip out the few unicorns left It may be her destiny, but Elayne has no idea how to tame a unicorn or defeat a king Though fan [...]

    • HoU is the story of a history of sakes named lady and debt of promos Tina unicorn of many generations past HoU begin in the land of the Fabulous Beast and a world torn asunder when a rift inthe fabric of the world, a portal left unfolded, let s in a diabolical hunter and a grand weaver into a world filled with fantastical creatures and an agrarian society that recently has lived a simple midevil existence.A story developed of a weaver who wanted to change the rapid abuse of the world by the hand [...]

    • 3.5 StarsElayne doesn t believe her father s stories about the truthfulness of an old family book, but she humors him because of his illness Even when he hands her what he claims is a piece of a real unicorn horn, she still can t believe his wild tales Now she is suprised to find herself thrust into the world she had read about, hailed as the answer to a prophecy As the last remaining heir to a legacy she knew little about, she is expected to save a kingdom on the brink of destruction She must f [...]

    • This book, even though it was good, had some problemsCharacters All the characters were awesome They all had their glitches but isnt that what makes them relatable They were very intertaining and I enjoyed reading about all of them, even if they were evil they were cool Some of them fooled me I admit I never quite knew if they were good or bad.Plot The plot was where I had most of my problems in One of the main porblems was that there were too many exclamation marks in very unnecessary places A [...]

    • This was not what I thought based on the back cover summary It is one of the most graphic, wild rides I ve encountered in a book I was relieved that the bad guys got poetic justice in the end but they were very heartless and lots of mythic animals were killed before the end There were so many plot twists that I was breathless, trying to keep from yelling, no Stop Why did He have to be bad, or Why did She have to fall for that It all works out in the end, but this is no fairy story with fuzzy fee [...]

    • This a great fantasy book that opens a person imagination to the land of beasts The story follows Elayne who is given a gift by her father that has been passed down in her family for generations, a unicorn horn Elayne doesn t really believe that that is what it is, but decides to accept it anyway and wears it on a chain around her neck While on a field trip to the local museum, Elayne comes across a tapestry with her initials woven into it Before she knows it, she is traveling through the tapest [...]

    • Honestly It was different using a woven tapestry to move between worlds One, which is modern, and one which has all the mythical beasts of stories Elayne s ancestor came from that world in a round about way, but I won t get into it , and, being a typical teenager, she did not believe the story Until she became part of a story There was something about this book that did not quite work for me, and I have yet to place my finger on it It was slow to start, but once I got into it about a third of th [...]

    • La verdad, este libro me ha sorprendido muy gratamente Se trata de un libro sencillo que tira de una trama bastante, bastante directa Si bien hay sorpresas a cada paso del camino, no busca que el lector pueda siquiera intuirlas, sino que realmente las coloca como sorpresas Todos los personajes que aparecen, tanto criaturas mitol gicas como humanos est n perfectamente caracterizados, si bien al estar desde la perspectiva sin ser primera persona de Elayne todo puede resultar un tanto enga oso.Sigu [...]

    • I enjoyed this book very much I am usually not a big fan of fantasy type novels, but this one had my interest level heightened throughout the whole book I was constantly curious as to what modern day Alice Elayne would do in the medieval world of Goloth Towards the middle of the book, I had a terrible time putting it down It is an easy read with not a lot of action, but enough suspense to keep you wanting Elayne and her unicorn, Moonspill, go through several challenges together which makes thei [...]

    • I d give this book 2 1 2 stars if I had the option I liked it but not 3 stars worth of like It took me a good 100 pages to get into the story Normally, I would have given up after 30 pages but it s a unicorn book and I must read ALL the unicorn books in existence The book began like a cross between Maurissa Guibord s Warped and Bruce Coville s Unicorn Chronicles series but the execution just wasn t there I liked the premise of the book and the world of Goloth but I found the majority of the char [...]

    • So much potential Love the premise setup of the story, and the fantastical realm of fabulous beasts But the characters didn t wow me, and everything was just going through the motions.Thoughts 1 Adventure and excitement Yes 2 Elayne waiting to be saved No.3 Griffins, cockatrice, cerberus, unicorns YES 4 Events conveniently working out No.5 Ye olde merriment and lovely descriptive text Yes 6 Too many exclamation points NO Eh Not terrible, but not great.Check out my full video review here

    • After the first unicorn book I read, I promised myself that I would never read another, but somehow I thought this book would be different, would be good It was painful, absolutely painful the first two chapters Then it was better, but not really because the story got better, but because I was kind of getting numb to the pain that it caused I thought that I would give it a chance read some , ya know, and then I was half way through and I couldn t not finish it, so I did It sucked The end.

    • The Hunt of the Unicorn by C.C HumphreysThis book is amazing This book is about a girl and a unicorn in a fantasy world, on a mission to fulfill a promise made before them They fulfilled it but now there is a problem in the other world They traveled there through many adventures and try to save the world This book is awesome if you like fantasy and fairy tales I recommend everyone to read it.

    • I would rather have given 3.5 stars, but the interface doesn t allow that so we ll settle for 3 This book didn t have the intensity or depth and certainly not the plethora of impalements that some of Chris s other work has, but it was still a pleasure to read Young or old, we have that place within us that dreams of unicorns and this story speaks to that part of us It takes the old tales of magical beasts and breaths some new life into them.

    • Lo cog por error queriendo coger otro libro del mismo t tulo, pero decid seguir leyendo y no me arrepiento Una historia entretenida, en ning n momento quer a dejar de leer y adem s me he re do en alg n que otro momento con la anfisbena La protagonista es un poco T pica Chica Adolescente La Elegida pero tampoco llega a ser pesada ni un personaje vac o Me ha gustado bastante y leer a algo m s del autor.

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