Precious and Fragile Things

Precious and Fragile Things Gilly Soloman has been reduced to a mothering machine taking care of everyone and everything except herself But the machine has broken down Burnt out by the endless days of crying children and menial

  • Title: Precious and Fragile Things
  • Author: Megan Hart
  • ISBN: 9780778329244
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gilly Soloman has been reduced to a mothering machine, taking care of everyone and everything except herself But the machine has broken down Burnt out by the endless days of crying children and menial tasks, and exhausted from always putting herself last, Gilly doesn t immediately consider the consequences when she s carjacked With a knife to her throat, her first thougGilly Soloman has been reduced to a mothering machine, taking care of everyone and everything except herself But the machine has broken down Burnt out by the endless days of crying children and menial tasks, and exhausted from always putting herself last, Gilly doesn t immediately consider the consequences when she s carjacked With a knife to her throat, her first thought is that she ll finally get some rest Someone can save her for a change.But salvation isn t so forthcoming Stranded in a remote, snowbound cabin with this stranger, hours turn to days, days into weeks As time forges a fragile bond between them, she learns her captor is not the lunatic she first believed, but a human being whose wasted life has been shaped by secrets and tragedy Yet even as their connection begins to foster trust, Gilly knows she must never forget he s still a man teetering on the edge One who just might take her with him.

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    Precious and Fragile Things

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      Megan Hart has written in almost every genre of romantic fiction, including historical, contemporary, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, futuristic, fantasy and perhaps most notably, erotic She also writes non erotic fantasy and science fiction, as well as continuing to occasionally dabble in horror from the author s websiteLibrarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name For Megan Hart, the nutritionist, click here

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    • Opening Line This was the life she d made I am rapidly reaching the point with Megan Hart that if she were to write a phone book I m pretty sure I would read it because she s just that good at making words beautiful She also manages to put those words into exactly the emotions and private thoughts I assumed I was alone in having while weaving and layering together an achingly thoughtful story And here with Precious And Fragile Things I ve learned that she can hold my attention without the erotic [...]

    • This was honestly one of the weirdest books I have read in awhile I picked up Precious and Fragile Things expecting what I usually read by Megan Hart, hot and steamy Instead I got a crazy guy and a slightly off mother who are unwillingly stuck together in the middle of the PA mountains I literally spent the entire book waiting for the sexy, it is my fault, I should have read the jacket I guess, I am slightly relieved after finishing the book there was no sex, that would have made this book compl [...]

    • 4.5 starsI love Megan Hart s writing Broken is hands down one of my all time favourite books So, probably like other readers and for sentimental reasons , I was a little perturbed to see her moving away from the erotica for which I know and love her.But then I got to thinking What is it that I love about this her books The answer, most certainly, is not the sex scenes In fact, though they undoubtedly well written, that s probably the very least of it What I love about this author is that she wri [...]

    • Gilly Soloman has a life most women would die for She s a stay at home mother married to a wonderful man, who has two adorable children, and even a dog Gilly is truly living the American dream But Gilly wants to run away from it all, this life she has made for herself with the stink of spilled milk in the backseat of her car because of her needy children, an always unfinished To Do List, and a husband who only helps out when he feels like it Gilly can barely function any as she longs for release [...]

    • I wavered between giving this book a 3 or a 4 Finally settled on a 4 because this book isn t getting enough love.I can t say that I loved this book.It was disturbing to say the least.And I can t say I liked either of the characters.But it was different and engaging Kind of like a horror show Certainly not a romance.

    • Some Spoilers Precious and Fragile Things is about Gilly Soloman, a worn out mom who craves escape, who wants just a few precious moments that belong to herself Salvation oh how she d wish someone would just take her away so she wouldn t have to stew in her own life Needless to say, I don t think getting kidnapped was her exact ideal, but that s exactly what happened More or less Only this isn t your standard crazy man takes women hostage story It s goes a whole lot deeper This is a powerful sto [...]

    • Quick review for a quick read Dude, I haven t felt so completely conflicted after reading a book in a long while, as far as emotions are concerned I don t think this book started off on the strongest note, but it had its moments which carried it forward, so it kept me reading This is one of those stories where I absolutely hated the characters, but I ended up liking the story Figure that out Gilly is a woman who s not exactly a model for self control She s very flawed put at her wits end with pa [...]

    • Let me start off by saying that if you ve ever read a Megan Hart book before, be warned this is NOTHING like her erotic fiction novels If you ve had the extreme pleasure of reading one of her novels then you are aware at how extraordinary a writer this woman is One of my absolute favorite things about Megan s books are that she writes raw, realistic emotions that people truly experience Life is not always fluff, nice, and the feelings of falling inlove Sex is not always graceful and earth shatte [...]

    • There was a lot that I liked about this book The complexity of the abductor abductee relationship is one I truly hadn t considered before, and Hart skillfully elucidates the humanity of this novel s villain while carefully and meticulously developing the narrator s conflicted feelings toward him However, there were also many things that bothered me about this book First, without spoiling anything, the initial decision Gilly makes which sets the plot into motion really rang ridiculous to me And t [...]

    • Ugh, okay deep breath This book left me really depressed and just empty feeling I would have written this review yesterday but I was too busy crying myself to sleep Megan Hart never ceases to pull the tears out of me and yet I keep coming back for I now feel like a total douche for always ragging on my cousin after she calls me sobbing having just finished watching some film adaptation of a Jane Austen novel I am convinced that the Pride Prejudice movie is her emotional kryptonite and have even [...]

    • A woman who hates the life she made for herself gets all happy about abandoning her kids and husband when she is kidnapped view spoiler I was quickly turned off by Gilly s whining about her life Not in the general my husband is an unappreciative lout and my kids are whining brats sort of way, but in a I hate my life, how am I a stay at home mom with children, let me slice my wrists sort of way She seizes her chance when she is kidnapped Todd, the kidnapper, gives her ample opportunity to escape [...]

    • Despite the ignorant and or stubborn booksellers that continue to place Precious and Fragile Things in the romance section, to the frustration of Megan Hart and her many fans, this is NOT a romance Instead, this is one of my favorite erotic romance author s first forays into general fiction Right out the gate, it becomes clear that Gilly is a woman on the edge She s running errands with her 2 young children in the backseat and her inner dialogue is hilarious What she says to her children and wha [...]

    • I admit that at first I wasn t really sure if I could adore this book as much as I do the rest of Ms Hart s work You ask yourself why This is NOT a romance or erotica enjoys the stunned silence I knew I would enjoy reading it Her writing never fails to grab my attention, but I for my part was a bit unsure if I just love her books because they are romance But as it seems I m not as prejudiced as I thought, I adored Precious and Fragile Things and I will try to tell you why.When I read the blurb o [...]

    • A standalone psychological suspense of a a woman relieved when she s carjacked.My Take I don t think I ve ever cried so hard at the end of a story Hart is the most amazing writer She looks into the heads of average people and brings them to life In Precious and Fragile Things, we share Gillian Solomon s frustration with her kids as she s struggling to finish her errands and get home all with the chant of mama, mama, mama piercing her brain.So it s understandable that she collapses into inertia o [...]

    • One recipe for a compelling, character driven plot is simple give a character what they most want, but in the WORST way possible Megan Hart employs this technique in her latest novel, Precious and Fragile Things Protagonist Gilly wants a little breathing room in her life as an overworked stay at home mother of two young children She experiences snatches of mental freedom, at least, by counting in her head and by taking moments to herself in the kitchen pantry, but it s not enough When a desperat [...]

    • Megan Hart is usually known for her romances, but you wont find that here Hart brings you on an incredibly intense journey filled with some serious emotions.At first I really wasn t sure what to think about this book, but as the story progresses I was and intrigued I started asking myself some serious questions that I would never thought to ask myself What would I do in this situation Hart opens up a whole new world for me because this could actually happen It s life Somewhere in the world thi [...]

    • Despite this being a book by Megan Hart, known for her gritty, raw, unforgivingly honest sexual stories, I knew this was not going to be anything like that, at least not one including any erotic overtones But she still writes a compelling and moving story that had me choking up at the end.Realistically, there was one way this could end I knew it from the start, yet I couldn t help but hope for a way out anyway But that would have been way too far fetched and improbable, and happened the way it w [...]

    • So far, I hate the writing I m than halfway finished The author needs coaching on how to write dialogue and action that feels real It s a bad sign when you re continually thinking to yourself, No one would think that Why would anyone do that I don t understand why she s reacting that way Compared to say, Stephen King, who is a master of keeping the writing out of the way of the story, Megan Hart is a master of getting the writing in the way of the story It s too bad the writing sucks, because I [...]

    • Not the type of book that one has become used to from Megan Hart, but certainly excellent For lack of a better description, I would describe this as a psychological thriller The emotions portrayed are very intense The insight into the feelings of a mother struggling with caring for her infant children and with coping with home and husband is a compelling testament to what motherhood often involves.In a strange way this is a love story a story of the understanding and attachment that develops bet [...]

    • The story seemed good enough,and it was interesting, but the swearing was a little much for me I stopped reading after the third chapter I really don t like reading the F bomb every other paragraph Plus I just couldn t sympathize with her She totally felt good about abandoning her children at some random strangers house, and didn t escape when she had the perfect opportunity to I am a mother of 4 and at times have felt that same frustration But I thought she was a selfish, terrible person.

    • This is a haunting book The ending is absolutely unavoidable, but you can t stop reading to see if somehow things could be different

    • Originally posted at smexybooks 2011 01 revFavorite Quote Count to ten Bite your tongue Keep yourself together, Gilly Don t lose it Don t lose it Gilly Soloman is a stay at home mom of two small children who spends her days and nights catering to her family s needs while ignoring her own Gilly is headed for an overload and wishes for a small break from her life When she is carjacked, Gilly gives into her wish But rather then a day or two of peace, she is snowbound with her kidnapper for 3 months [...]

    • Precious and Fragile Things is an emotional ride where every page delivers a new facet of the story Quote from a review posted on nightowlreviews, to read go here.My personal thoughts for Pgs 1 85I m beginning to understand Gilly a bit by this point but I m still puzzled by some of the choices she has made up to now Weird thing is that I find myself liking Todd than Gilly Hmmm, maybe I should phrase that as I feel sorrier for Todd than Gilly I think both have had a hard time of things and it c [...]

    • Wow I really, really loved this story spoiler alert This is not a romance, but you can really feel Todd falling in love with Gilly And I think some part of her was falling in love with him too, but we gotta give her credit, she held her ground and didn t give in to whatever feelings she may have had for him, even though it obviously hurt him and made him mad I really thought while reading this story that at some point, they were going to give in to passion and loneliness and I applaud the author [...]

    • They were her life They consumed every part of her She was a mother and a wife before she was a woman It was an emotional ride but I adored this story so much Books like this definitely make you think about life deeply It s not action packed, it doesn t have vampires or werewolves, it s life This book was an experience, Gilly s experience There were a lot of heartbreaking moments in this book, from Gilly being constantly emotionally drained, to the part where she held Todd for the last time bef [...]

    • This was a difficult read until the ending smacked me.I generally like Megan Hart s books Except for Deeper Never could finish it This book though is far darker and bleak than most of her other books and that is saying something It was very difficult to read The plot was highly implausible What was too unbelievable was ignored The most sympathetic character was the bad guy He was far hopeful and optimistic than the heroine, Gilly, in spite of his miserable life And his character was far devel [...]

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