The Sensationist

The Sensationist Beginning a tormented search for anonymous sensual pleasure David a man obsessed with women pursues a trail of aimless conquest and the intimacy of strangers By the author of The Quincunx Reprint

  • Title: The Sensationist
  • Author: Charles Palliser
  • ISBN: 9780345369581
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beginning a tormented search for anonymous sensual pleasure, David, a man obsessed with women, pursues a trail of aimless conquest and the intimacy of strangers By the author of The Quincunx Reprint.

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      Charles Palliser

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    • Charles Palliser

      Charles Palliser born 1947 is an American born, British based novelist He is the elder brother of the late author and freelance journalist Marcus Palliser.Born in New England he is an American citizen but has lived in the United Kingdom since the age of three He went up to Oxford in 1967 to read English Language and Literature and took a First in June 1970 He was awarded the B Litt in 1975 for a dissertation on Modernist fiction.From 1974 until 1990 Palliser was a Lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow He was the first Deputy Editor of The Literary Review when it was founded in 1979 He taught creative writing during the Spring semester of 1986 at Rutgers University in New Jersey In 1990 he gave up his university post to become a full time writer when his first novel, The Quincunx, became an international best seller He has published four novels which have been translated into a dozen languages.Palliser has also written for the theatre, radio, and television His stage play, Week Nothing, toured Scotland in 1980 His 90 minute radio play, The Journal of Simon Owen, was commissioned by the BBC and twice broadcast on Radio 4 in June, 1982 His short TV film, Obsessions Writing, was broadcast by the BBC and published by BBC Publications in 1991 Most recently, his short radio play, Artist with Designs, was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 21 February 2004.He teaches occasionally for the Arvon Foundation, the Skyros Institute, London University, the London Metropolitan University, and Middlesex University He was Writer in Residence at Poitiers University in 1997.In 1991 The Quincunx was awarded the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction by the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters which is given for the best first novel published in North America The Unburied was nominated for the 2001 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.Since 1990 he has written the Introduction to a Penguin Classics edition of the Sherlock Holmes stories, the Foreword to a new French translation of Wilkie Collins The Moonstone published by Editions Phebus, and other articles on 19th century and contemporary fiction He is a past member of the long running North London Writers circle.From

    791 thoughts on “The Sensationist

    • Goodness Gracious this REALLY by the same person who conjured up that victoriana masterpiece The Quincunx Do you remember that famous piece of sport news where McEnroe throws a wobbly at Wimbledon and shouts out something along the lines sic of you can t be serious man Well that is how I feel about thisCharles Palliser, you can not be serious.There, tis said a found that McEnroe clip

    • I can t imagine two disparate books than Palliser s first and second novels I haven t read his first Quincux but have read enough about it to be suprised that he also wrote this one The Sensationist For most of the way through the book I was frustrated by the deliberate lack of concrete details about the setting and the main characters For me landscape is very important and I couldn t help wondering was David working in Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh And what was his job anyway I know these w [...]

    • This is an old plot single man spends all his time boinking every woman he meets, falls for a nutcase and ruins his career So what Poorly developed characters and not very well written, but less than 200 pages Don t bother.

    • I try to give every book that s drawn my attention a chance, but this one geve me a tough time Repetitive storylines, no character outlining,

    • A guy goes to work in a new sad English town Lot s of rain, women, depression and drugs It s basically about the impossibility to feel love and to fit in Great read.

    • Heel fragmentarisch geschreven, en in vrij korte zinnen die bijna allemaal opgebouwd zijn als Onderwerp, persoonsvorm , rest van de zin Wat voor punt de schrijver wilde maken is me niet helemaal duidelijk Het verhaal zelf is in ieder geval behoorlijk deprimerend een aan seks verslaafde man met een stressvolle baan krijgt een vage vriendin en hun relatie is ronduit kut.Twee sterren omdat er naast veel korte zinnen, onduidelijke personages, rare tijdssprongen en perspectiefwisselingen, een paar in [...]

    • The Quincunx, Charles Palliser s first novel, was wonderful Think of Dickens with sex, the details of clothes, constructio, lost wills, abductions The Sensationist is nothing but sex, drinking, and lack of connection Emotion Just not there As for detail, the first person narrator, David, never tells you where he was from and there is little to latch onto The relationships go nowhere and David spirals I couldn t even tell the women apart The secrecy about his work life was annoying, not mysteriou [...]

    • More of a novella than a novel, this thin book is about a man possibly antipodean who has moved to a northern UK city possibly Glasgow who ends up in a relationship with a woman who is somewhat damaged Some nice writing, but it feels like it was written as a deliberate antidote to Palliser s first novel, the fat Victorian mystery, The Quincunx Nonetheless, his books are certainly worth tracking down and reading.

    • Coming after the lengthily magnificent Quincunx, The Sensationist, set in the 20th century, shows Charles Palliser s versatility Difficult to say I enjoyed it I was so shocked by the ending that I had to leave the room where the book was But the author intended it to be shocking, and definitely succeeded.

    • Stark writing make this little book a bit hard to follow, but once you learn to read between the lines, you find some pretty interesting stuff going on A disturbing ending is what you will be gifted with.

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