Lancelot Lancelot Lamar is a disenchanted lawyer who finds himself confined in a mental asylum with memories that don t seem worth remembering It all began the day he accidentally discovered he was not the fat

  • Title: Lancelot
  • Author: Walker Percy
  • ISBN: 9780312243074
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lancelot Lamar is a disenchanted lawyer who finds himself confined in a mental asylum with memories that don t seem worth remembering It all began the day he accidentally discovered he was not the father of his youngest daughter, a discovery which sent Lancelot on modern quest to reverse the degeneration of America Percy s novel reveals a shining knight for the modern agLancelot Lamar is a disenchanted lawyer who finds himself confined in a mental asylum with memories that don t seem worth remembering It all began the day he accidentally discovered he was not the father of his youngest daughter, a discovery which sent Lancelot on modern quest to reverse the degeneration of America Percy s novel reveals a shining knight for the modern age a knight not of romance, but of revenge.

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      Walker Percy 1916 1990 was one of the most prominent American writers of the twentieth century Born in Birmingham, Alabama, he was the oldest of three brothers in an established Southern family that contained both a Civil War hero and a US senator Acclaimed for his poetic style and moving depictions of the alienation of modern American culture, Percy was the bestselling author of six fiction titles including the classic novel The Moviegoer 1961 , winner of the National Book Award and fifteen works of nonfiction In 2005, Time magazine named The Moviegoer one of the best English language books published since 1923.

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    • In times like these when everyone is wonderful, what is needed is a quest for evil.You should be interested Such a quest serves God s cause How Because the Good proves nothing When everyone is wonderful, nobody bothers with God If you had ten thousand Albert Schweitzers giving their lives for their fellow men, do you think anyone would have a second thought about God Walker Percy, Lancelot I find myself running to Walker Percy to explain to my why the modern world feels so f ed up He never provi [...]

    • What a waste it is to lose one s mind, or not to have a mind How true that is.U.S V Pres Dan Quayle, in May 1989 speech to United Negro College Fund whose motto is, a mind is a terrible thing to waste A first person narrative told through monologues and recollections of a despondent attorney who has been committed to a mental institution for murdering his infidel wife shortly after learning that another man sired his youngest daughter This Lancelot says he s on an Arthurian quest to unveil, not [...]

    • Understated yet altogether profound Lancelot s story is retold entirely within his disturbed mind from a single room in an institution with but one window through which he can glimpse a fragment of his past life The writing is absolutely beautiful and not the least pretentious The retelling of his past will make you feel uneasy but oddly will make you laugh along the way Confronts racial issues marked by the era with uncanny deliberateness and marital familial strife as the main character direct [...]

    • Less of a novel, and of a jeremiad, and a jeremiad true now, 35 years after Percy penned it, than it was originally While its main thrust is the problematics of a culture whose sine qua non is pleasure, it is also a fascinating investigation of how we create identities for others and how we, in turn, willingly and cheerfully embrace those identities created for us as a part of our obsession with the various forms of pleasure , with how history functions in our lives, with how we misuse and mis [...]

    • Read this one for Sawyers Book Club on myspace, and becuase it is on the Lost Lit List.I like the format narrator speaks to reader as tho they are part of the story one sided conversation I did not like all the lost trains of thought The narrator would lead you towards an answer, or explanation and then veer off for pages and pages, almost seeming to have lost his orginal point I did not like the ending at all Perhaps my copy is missing the last few pages sadly, i know this is not the case.

    • I cannot tolerate this age And I will not A slow burning and darkly funny jeremiad, told with the kind of brutal eloquence Southern storytellers pull off better than anyone else Think Fight Club by way of Flannery O Connor.

    • The structure of this novel reminds me of the movie Amadeus There s no one here analogous to Mozart, but nevertheless a crime has been committed, and like Salieri in the film the man who felt driven to do it is now sorting out the meaning of it all while addressing a silent priest like figure.As such, this becomes a meditation on good and evil, on what matters and what does not, and it covers material that Percy handles in his other novels Essentially, a character awakens to find himself in dege [...]

    • I loved this book Percy continues diagnosing the modern malaise here through the eyes of a man that snapped out of his malaise through a single event The man, now institutionalized, recounts the events of that lead to where he is, as he also rants and raves about the status of his life before and what the future holds There are points where Percy s own views come through the speaker in the story, but there are also points where the speaker just raves lunacy the break between Percy s own views an [...]

    • De centering and dyspeptic, this Percy bit gets at the heart of the nihilism that has seduced some quarters of contemporary thought The chivalric instincts of a would be Knight of Faith is tossed into the mix of seventies soft porn mannersnnners cultivated and then subverted by all that Southern stuff.

    • The spiritual slumber, that seems to be the condition of thelate 20th century, is caused by the transition from spirituality to technology.We get our sustenance from technology as opposed to the land where we would feel a closer spiritual connection.Previously that was the only choice, the land, God , there were not many alternatives or time to think of alternatives, as work survival was a full time job.Now we have a relatively new notion of free time and sciencehas led us to believe that a God [...]

    • Lancelot has interesting moments Certainly the character portrait is very interesting However, I found other aspects of it such as a constant stream of hints that the modern world is hopelessly degenerate tiresome It would be good for people who are interested in looking at the idea of evil and Hell from the Christian standpoint I won t say it s a bad book, because it isn t For some reason that I can t explain, it rubbed me the wrong way.

    • As reported by many, Lancelot is indeed the darkest of Percy s novels which, after being quite distraught byThe Thanatos Syndrome, I found myself wondering if all this darkness is worthwhile Lancelot is in a mental asylum, recounting the story of the circumstances of his imprisonment to a lapsed priest He describes himself as in quest of the Unholy Grail a real sin, which in his view, is the only interesting phenomenon and the signal of the existence of a spiritual order beyond desire and gratif [...]

    • I learned of Walker Percy at a recent church picnic, when the senior pastor and I were chatting about literature and he recommended Percy as his favorite twentieth century writer He described Percy as a modern Southerner who laces witty, parabolic stories with deeper insight into the human condition Having now read Lancelot, I couldn t agree .Lancelot opens with the passage quoted above, and that eerily intimate tone permeates the ensuing narration Lancelot Andrewes Lamar is a man alienated from [...]

    • We spend the entire book in the increasingly disturbing but not unsympathetic mind of Lancelot Lamar, a disenchanted liberal Southern lawyer who, in the light of discovering his wife s infidelity, procedes on a personal quest to discover the unholy grail, a real sin in a world where every evil is just a symptom of diseased minds The novel is his description of this quest to an old high school and college friend, turned Catholic priest, turned doctor, Percival, from the asylum in which Lancelot i [...]

    • Walker Percy s best writing involved his characters and stories presenting themselves i.e The Movie Goer without too much metaphysical claptrap Lancelot offers some of both Our protagonist, Lancelot Lamar, recounts how he ended up in a mental institution to a vaguely identified confessor a psychiatrist, priest, old friend The he explores his existential quandary, the less we I care The he focuses on Margot, the woman who betrayed him, or his ancestral homestead along the Mississippi, Belle Isl [...]

    • Acikcasi daha once Walker Percy nin adini duymamistim Bu nasil olabildi onu da bilmiyorum ama onemli bir cagdas Amerikan yazari oldugunu da bilmiyordum Bu sucluluk duygusundan dolayi da duyarak okumak istedim Kitabin adindan dolayi, su Yuvarlak Masa Sovalyeleri, Kral Arthur ve Guinevere cagrisimi haliyle epey yuksek Zaten bir zina hikayesi islendigi icin kahramana Lancelot adi bilerek verilmis Fakat ben bunu biraz zevksiz, biraz zorlama biraz da kendini fazla ciddiye almak olarak algiladim.Roman [...]

    • A quirky and very unique and original book which grabs the readers attention right away It is written in a great style that is easy to read, and full of intrigue, while being told in a tone of ironical humor It offers a reflective look, from an interesting persepctive on what has become of our modern society, with a nostalgia for the values of the old where things made sense A modern day rendition of the legend of Lancelot and the search for the Holy Grail, set somewhere between the 60s 70s the [...]

    • First a note of caution this book is very explicit in its language and subject matter and may understandably be too much for some in that regard Coming on the heels of Love in The Ruins this book approaches similar issues from a completely different angle The plot unfolds quietly and ominously, all the while exploring how the protagonists inability to find meaning in the ordinary occurrences of life leads to a quest to find meaning in negation Lancelot is disgusted by the tawdriness of tepid sin [...]

    • A man realizes he s been sleeping his way through life when he learns of his wife s infidelity He wakes up and is disgusted with the ways that we all live Life has no meaning He ends up in a prison insane asylum This is his rant as he searches for meaning I loved this book Percy writes so well.June 2015 re read Lancelot tells his priest friend that life is meaningless The closest thing to meaning for him is sexual desire, which he sees as merely violent The priest is silent throughout until the [...]

    • Percy here explores the only two possibilities for human existence the ultimate choice between good and evil through the search of Lancelot for the unholy grail, a purely evil act While Lancelot s quest proves a failure and perhaps must, given the nature of the modern world he does conclude correctly in the end that there are two potential futures and each depends upon the road we take in our understanding of humanity and, above all, of the self.

    • I thought this was self indulgent The problem with a lot of first person narratives is that the narration becomes about the person and whatever story you may want to read gets lost I was looking forward to reading this book and was disappointed I got to page sixty and had that lost feeling like I didn t know what was happening I am not someone who expects a book to grab you, but when you are uninvolved by a third of the way, you probably won t be.

    • I just loved it I couldn t put it down It s a Southern as you can come, with gritty one liners that don t happen once a chapter, but once a page, once a paragraph It s about sex Mostly sex, but also of love what is it and sin a quest for it and front porches and Southern aristocracy, and if you re very careful, even a waft of Lancelot and Perceval The first person narrative simply sweeps away Recommended If the c word offends you, then perhaps re consider this book.

    • Sort of a silly POV flawed and unconvincing, I thought And a bit hackneyed, honestly but still, people recalling their story in the past tense from a mental institution easy storytelling set up.I did have a serious sense of dread throughout the story, however I was genuinely excited, flipping pages, to see the climax It was almost worth it.

    • brilliant best novelist ever to live particularly interested with Percy s interest in dealing with characters in the middle of existential crises I very much liked how the character in this book believes the only way to start over and save humanity by moving from the Mississippi Valley to a farmhouse in the Shenandoah Valley

    • My review of this book might change in the next few days I read it, I love it, but unfortunately, the last line blew up my entire understanding of the story.So, it s fantastic in the usual painful, song of songs sort of way that Walker Percy liked to write But I m trying to find someone to explain the dern thing to me.

    • Interesting story line and critique of the 60 s free love philosophy Not a fan of the ending that really wasn t an ending Overall, glad I can say I read it but not one that I would recommend to anyone for an enjoyable read.

    • For a book about adultery, murder, insanity, and arson you wouldn t expect to laugh as much as I did reading Walker Percy s Lancelot The book is wonderfully narrated and an interesting commentary on modern life.

    • I have enjoyed reading other Walker Percy novels, particularly Love in the Ruins and The Thanatos Syndrome and while masterfully written and engaging, I actually found this rather challenging by contrast to get though Unlike, say, the sympathetic character of the latter novels, Dr Thomas More, the protagonist here is a remarkably unlikeable character and as such, makes for difficult reading at times As with Percy s other books it is one that can be digested on multiple levels and is worth re rea [...]

    • 3.5 4 stars if we re rating booksI bought this in New Orleans and love the Moviegoer, this is not that greatry good, Percy writes well and he can be entertaining while still asking and looking for the big questions of his time and oursmetimes the fiction suffers as it veers into philosophy s best when it stays with the voice of the character, in scene, in the tellingbut still pretty fucking good

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