Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures First published in and read by than eight million people this nondenominational book has a year history of healing and inspiration To attract a new audience this time honored message of hea

  • Title: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
  • Author: Mary Baker Eddy
  • ISBN: 9780879522599
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • First published in 1875 and read by than eight million people, this nondenominational book has a 119 year history of healing and inspiration To attract a new audience, this time honored message of healing has a powerful new cover, easy to read page layout, and word index Named one of 75 Books by Women Whose Words Have Changed the World.

    • ✓ Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures ↠ Mary Baker Eddy
      Mary Baker Eddy

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    • Mary Baker Eddy

      Founder of the new religious movement, Christian Science Church of Christ, Scientist.Her name is also written as Mary Baker GloverMary Baker Glover EddyMary Baker G Eddy

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    • I took a serious read of this book when I was 19 and it brought much healing Freedom from smoking, drinking etc was moved to go back to college and resources became available to do sowonderful physical and other financial healings as well Most importantly this book teaches you how to have an on going relationship with God does one connect with God, effectively pray, feel the presence and love of God etc It opens up the spiritual teachings of the Bible, especially those of Christ Jesus showing th [...]

    • I have never read a holy book yet that made me feel like shit, nor one I actually threw across the room until SH It just repeated over and over how awful a person I am I will have to pick this up read the last third when 1 I m not in debilitating unending physical pain 2 I can better afford to get mad As it is I ve never read a holy book that made me feel this utter lack of hope But that may be zany ol disabled me Also the prose is rubbish even for a religious book.

    • This is the book that changed my life Together with the Bible, is my textbook, my pastor , my only preacher It can change yours too nobody is excluded What do you have to lose.I have red it many, many times and study from it every day I have experienced many healings, physically, morally, mentally and in all possible aspects It has given me a better understanding of God, who is really Love, Truth and Life It has opened my eyes to perceive that whatever is good can be achieved now It has given me [...]

    • As far as spiritual books go i thoroughly enjoy pulling this book out to look up everything from marriage to sin to child rearing Science and Health was written by Mary Baker Eddy and created a Christian sect called Christian Science This book is read alongside the Bible by millions of people throughout the world Eddy does a wonderful job at explaining things how they are, like she has a third eye that is all knowing She explains things from the Bible in terms that everyone can understand This i [...]

    • Very healing Embrace this book with an open heart and mind Once you understand some of the truths and ideas, you cannot go back to your old way of thinking Strengthened my awareness of my oneness with God One thing you must be seeking wisdom or fulfillment to understand this book If you are not ready, don t waste your time Keep the book on the shelf for when you are ready because you WILL need it someday Then read it over and over and over Great compliment to the Bible especially the Gospels New [...]

    • Nonsense, and badly written nonsense at that, but the book is influential It s readable in little bits, and some quotes are sensible, though some of the anecdotes are laughably dubious, such as the supposedly true story of the father who held his baby underwater until it grew comfortable enough to play there Mothers should remember this story, Eddy admonishes her readers, so that they can prepare their babies properly Yikes

    • I read from this book every day along with the Bible But to read it straight through is a delightful experience This book and the Bible are the pastors of the First Church of Christ, Scientist Christian Science The last chapter is exclusively testimonies from people who were healed by reading this book.

    • This Book is the most amazing book I have ever read It is saving my life and helping me to understand scripture and be positive about myself this is logic without being fear and cuts through lots of misunderstandings This is the Book that my church Christian Science has along with the Bible I am needing to read it often when I am feeling afraidor having anxiety.

    • Reply to another reviewer on Visual Bookshelf who referred to the religion as Christian Scientology Not Christian Scientology, Justin Christian Science It has nothing to do with Scientology.

    • Science and Health is an invaluable book teaching us to think beyond the way our minds usually do It makes us question what is reality We know that when we look into the distance and see what looks like water, it s actually a mirage and it plays on our physical senses Therefore, we know that all appearances don t hold true.What this books hints at is there is a higher power of Love and Truth that are guiding us which are beyond out senses This can affect our lives in career choices, family, even [...]

    • Very interesting and uplifting text Will give the reader a whole new outlook on the spiritual nature of life Mary Baker Eddy was visionary in her outlook Even if the reader is not inclined toward a particular religious belief system it is still interesting from a historical standpoint and because her explanation of the spiritual import of the bible is so different from other writers If you ve ever been interested in metaphysics it s a must read

    • Fantastic book on why health, both physical and spiritual, is a matter of the mind, not the subject of a wrathful or fickle humanlike godhead This shows the abstraction between Truth and, well, not Truth, or Falsity, and how it in fact defines Reality Also shows how Time deos not really exist for on that, read Hawking s Brief History of Time.

    • Most spiritual books from this era are harder to read I found this fascinating and engaging Insight into a movement.

    • I, for one Reccomend this book o anyone who needs some help, whether it be addiction, pain, financial, or anything else I ve had many great hearings thanks to Mary Baker Grover Eddy.

    • This is a book I use for daily meditation The ideas are transformative It stays on my currently reading list perpetually.

    • This book is a constant comfort to me I can turn to it anytime I need an uplifting thought or just need to put my thought straight.

    • I read this book all the time Quite insightful, so much so I put it in today s language with updated information.

    • This is high law and a work for seasoned masters These lessons are truly from on high and a unpolluted nor watered down dialog of spiritual importance This is a must read, but don t for one second peruse this like a mere novel This is a life time study and will reveal and as your mind expands and your understanding becomes the rock on which you build yourself The key to scripture will unlock many doors and take you into the mansions of eternal felicity in the paradise of GOD This is the true e [...]

    • There are some moments of brilliance then Mary loses it The glossary is just bizarre too There is a lot of 1800 s jargon that doesn t make any sense.

    • Author founded a church based on a new theology She was demonized for strong opinions about what in her day were highly questionable medical practices The Mother Father equal gender ideas challenge patriarchal credos, as do her Mother Church terminology Her faith is remarkable The appendix is filled with stories written by individuals alleging their health restored while reading this book Something seems to be generating health in people Ideas are presented about Divine Mind IF this were defined [...]

    • When in need, no matter what the need, I find help and healing from the passages I read here It has been a source of enlightenment when reading the Bible, as it helps me see a spiritual unfoldment of Scripture The ideas in this book were written with inspiration, and that is the way it must be read, by those seeking inspiration and enlightenment Read with an open mind Allow God to guide your thought Take a sentence at a time, ponder it, roll it over in your thinking, see if you can apply it Don [...]

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