The Happy Prince and Other Tales

The Happy Prince and Other Tales A pleasure seeking prince a selfish giant and Wilde s fairy tales first published in for childlike people from eighteen to eighty

  • Title: The Happy Prince and Other Tales
  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • ISBN: 9780679444732
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A pleasure seeking prince, a selfish giant, and Wilde s fairy tales, first published in 1888, for childlike people from eighteen to eighty.

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Happy Prince and Other Tales : by Oscar Wilde
      Oscar Wilde

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    • Oscar Wilde

      Oscar Fingal O Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet and author of numerous short stories and one novel Known for his biting wit, and a plentitude of aphorisms, he became one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era in London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day Several of his plays continue to be widely performed, especially The Importance of Being Earnest As the result of a widely covered series of trials, Wilde suffered a dramatic downfall and was imprisoned for two years hard labour after being convicted of gross indecency with other men After Wilde was released from prison he set sail for Dieppe by the night ferry He never returned to Ireland or Britain, and died in poverty.

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    • I like to do all the talking myself It saves time, and prevents arguments These are a lot like Andersen s tales fairy tale kind of prose, talking objects, often with sad elements and sad endings Add to it, Wilde s popular witticisms The Rose and Nightingale is one of the most beautiful stories I have read I am so clever that sometimes I don t understand a single word of what I am saying Life is one fool thing after another whereas love is two fool things after each other I hate people who talk a [...]

    • The popular author of The Book Thief, Markus Zusak aptly says in his introduction of this book There s something in these fairy tales that reminds me why any of us would want to be readers and writers in the first place, and that is that, the amazing the stories become, the I believe them, and the I realize that I won t forget them For me, these stories are truly unforgettable The Happy Prince 5 stars Amazing A formerly rich and only child prince is now a regal statue The town people look up [...]

    • A Beautiful Collection for All AgesEach little story is a beautifully told allegory touching to the heart You will never be too old or too young to appreciate the marvellous moral in each story.The stories in this collection are The Happy Prince, The Nightingale and the Rose, The Selfish Giant, The Devoted Friend, and The Remarkable Rocket Many of my favourite epigrams come from this collection Here are a few gems of many Surely Love is a wonderful thing It is precious than emeralds, and dearer [...]

    • The Happy Prince The Nightingale and the Rose The Selfish Giant The Devoted Friend The Remarkable Rocket Overall rating 3

    • When you truly live your life, you have to learn to accept and maybe expect the rare and unexpected surprises that might be in store for you These unanticipated wonders often bring about a lot of joy in our lives and sometimes also have the capacity of teaching us a gentle yet important lesson My surprise for the day was this small little book, a set of short stories written by Oscar Wilde and believe me I was simply floored by the simplicity as well as the complexity there was in these tales.Be [...]

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    • I have found that any author I was forced to read in my ancient school days tends to be ignored these days when I can choose my own reading Oscar Wilde certainly fits that statement I remember having to dissect The Picture Of Dorian Gray for some class or other, and the only other work of his I have read since then was The Importance Of Being Earnest I enjoyed that, but it did not inspire me to discover any about or by Wilde.But a few days ago I noticed a review by fellow GR group member Rick, [...]

    • This is a collection of five short stories, that are fairy tale like moral fables, not only for children, but drenched in subtle hints aimed at the older readers.When questioned about the maturity of the language in his stories, Wilde ridiculed the idea that extremely limited vocabulary at the disposal of the British child should be the standard by which the prose of an artist is to be judged.These tales are dark and colorful at the same time, and deal mostly with selfishness, compassion, egotis [...]

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    • Kh ng c n nhi u th vi t c truy n hay Nh ng v i ng i th ng ph c t p h a chuy n vi t v n m t c ch kh ng c n thi t ng nhi n, Oscar Wilde n m ngo i s i n t g i nh nh ng truy n c a La Fontaine hay Andersen, c i duy n c a nh ng c u truy n trong Ho ng T H nh Ph c tuy c ng n m s ch m bi m nh ng l i c ch t xa c ch, c l p.V i m hay n a trong l i vi t c a Oscar ch nh l vi c ch c n qua v i c u h i tho i, ng c th l t t t nh c ch c a c m t con ng i.

    • If this book doesn t make you want to curl up with a nice hot cup of arsenic and maybe some razor blades, you read a different edition than I did Apparently Wilde read Hans Christian Anderson and thought, Dang nab it, I can write way way depressing fairy tales, too Not saying it s not pretty Just saying.

    • D o n y m nh hay b c ph t, chs tr c kia ch t o lao, n i nh m th i, gi c n c b c ph t Nh ng c n t h n v i b n th n l m nh b c ph t ch ng h ng t i g c , ch ng nh m m c ch g c Nghe gi ng nh D Ardelo ang kh e nh tr u m ng nh ng b c ph t r ng m nh b ung th , c ng ch ng v c i g.Nh ng t ra, trong l i b c ph t ung th , h n c n t m th y s kho i c m c a 1 k th ch t ng m m nhTh n n t t nh t trong giai o n n y ko n n n i g h t k o t t c c c n ron nh m nh l i b t u b t ch b c ph t, what the a ng c, b c ph t [...]

    • This is a beautiful little collection of stories I thought I d never read any of them, but I d definitely read The Selfish Giant before, and some of the others seemed familiar The stories are all a little like fairy tales, though, so that s probably part of it.My favourites were The Nightingale and the Rose and The Fisherman and His Soul , I think All of them are lovely, though I especially like the beginning of Star Child Some of the lines in it are gorgeous, like And when they came to the Moun [...]

    • ini bagus bangeeett.Suka banget sama cerita cerita di dalamnya yang meskipun disampaikan dengan bahasa dan kalimat sederhana tapi pesan moralnya banyak banget Ini sebenernya masuk kategori children, tapi entah kenapa kalo dibaca sama orang dewasa kayaknya bakal bikin berpikir banyak dan ngehubungin dengan keadaan ketika udah dewasa, karena pesan moralnya timeless banget yah.Oscar Wilde juara bikin cerita sederhana tapi emosinya teraduk aduk dan banyak pesan moralnya Bagian cerita bunga mawar itu [...]

    • Actual rating 4 stars The Happy Prince 5 stars The Nightingale and the Rose 5 stars The Selfish Giant 4,5 stars The Devoted Friend 3 starsThe Remarkable Rocket 2,5 stars

    • Wilde is a fantastic prose stylist, if you can tolerate his style, and this is one of his most accessible works, as well as a surprising one in many ways for those with certain preconceived notions of the author Wilde here often puts his aesthetic pose second to his political and moral views two things that Oscar Wilde wasn t meant to have at all.On the other hand, this probably isn t the best demonstration of Wilde s skills The idea of the arch sophisticate taking on the genre of simple, childl [...]

    • I do really like Oscar Wilde, so giving this collectiont three stars pains me somewhat It s not that they aren t well written, they re just incredibly sad and frustrating The Devoted Friend , for example, just annoyed me There are no happy endings and, call me old fashioned, but I think happy endings in children s stories are a necessity That being said I read The Selfish Giant many times as a child Whether it did me any good or not remains to be seen From an analytical point of view I could tal [...]

    • L u l m m nh m i c c m t t p truy n v i nh ng nh v n p v th nh ng n y Ho ng t h nh ph c, theo m t c ch n o , g i m nh nh n nh ng c u chuy n c c a Andecxen d nh cho tr con nh ng c ng ch ng h n l d nh cho tr con v th t s bu n, r t bu n

    • I fell in love with Oscar Wilde s writings ever since I read his The Nightengale and the Rose when one of my friends gave it to me saying Oh, Heba, read it it s truly touching And I was not disappointed the first time I read it I wept of frustration, I was deeply deeply touched So, knowing that this story is part of Wilde s The Happy Prince and Other Tales , I decided to read it as a whole hoping to find stories better, if there can be anything better, or at least at the same level as The Nighte [...]

    • The Happy Prince and Other Tales is my first read for Oscar Wilde, and it won t be the last It s combined of 5 short stories, each story carries a moral at the end of it I m not sure if this book is appropriate to be narrated for kids at bedtime, because view spoiler the stories are not the and they lived happily ever after type of fairy tales The endings may be disturbing for the little fellows hide spoiler.How did I like each story The Happy Prince 3 stars, liked it.The Nightingale and the Ros [...]

    • Nh ng c u chuy n y ngh a l m m nh nh n Andersen qu th Nhi u chuy n qu bu n L ra l 4 sao, nh ng m nh c b l n b n v i ph n minh ho , l m u qu D n k o h nh v h t c ra, m m t M nh c nh n m y c i clip art trong MSword i u

    • The overall rating is just a result of a simple mathematical division The only rating that really matters is the one for The Happy Prince And it is a pure 5 stars I have read The Happy Price countless times and cried my eyes out again and again But I would will do it again, it s worth the pain As for the other stories , I encountered them for the first time.My ratings go like this The Happy Prince Infinitely sad, infinitely perfect Ultimate sacrifice made for the good of others, repaid in anothe [...]

    • T p truy n ng n u ti n c a Oscar Wilde m m nh c, v m nh c th hi u c v sao nh ng t c ph m c a t c gi n y l i tr th nh kinh i n Nh ng c u chuy n c t ch trong cu n s ch n y ng l kh ng ch d nh cho tr con, m c n d nh cho ng i l n n a, v i nh ng k t th c bu n ph n nh ng th c t cu c s ng Truy n m nh th ch nh t c l l H a mi v hoa h ng , v c i h nh t ng gi ng gi ng Ti ng chim h t trong b i m n gai au l ng v ph ph ng th t, c i c ch m con ng i i x v i t nh y u trong c u chuy n tr n t nh y u m con h a mi b [...]

    • Today I decided to get an old dusty favourite out to read Why you may ask, why today of all days would you choose Wilde Why have you picked this book over something equally superb and known for its literary prowessyou know something that features image error GIFSoupThat s right goblins, goblin sex and oh baby eating goblins.I mean isn t that the kind of book you think of straight away when you think of renowned playwrights like Wilde image error GIFSoupYeh, I know I was kind of speechless as wel [...]

    • 4 5Todos son casi igual de tr gicos y tristes, aunque algunos duelen mucho m s que otros En mi edici n, que es bastante vieja y estaba forrada por su anterior due o la abuela de mi mam , creo , hay unas ilustraciones muy lindas, aunque no busqu cu l era ac , pero me gustaron mucho.El pr ncipe feliz 4 5 me sonaba la historia, aunque no la conoc a del todo, y el cuento en s me pareci muy hermoso.El ruise or y al rosa 5 5 me volvi a romper el coraz n por 765930 vez Creo que no importa cu ntas veces [...]

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