Any Human Heart

Any Human Heart Logan Gonzago Mountstuart writer was born in and died of a heart attack on October aged William Boyd s novel Any Human Heart is his disjointed autobiography a massive tome chronic

  • Title: Any Human Heart
  • Author: WilliamBoyd
  • ISBN: 9781400031009
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Logan Gonzago Mountstuart, writer, was born in 1906, and died of a heart attack on October 5, 1991, aged 85 William Boyd s novel Any Human Heart is his disjointed autobiography, a massive tome chronicling my personal rollercoaster or rather, not so much a rollercoaster , but a yo yo, a jerking spinning toy in the hands of a maladroit child From his early childhoodLogan Gonzago Mountstuart, writer, was born in 1906, and died of a heart attack on October 5, 1991, aged 85 William Boyd s novel Any Human Heart is his disjointed autobiography, a massive tome chronicling my personal rollercoaster or rather, not so much a rollercoaster , but a yo yo, a jerking spinning toy in the hands of a maladroit child From his early childhood in Montevideo, son of an English corned beef executive and his Uraguayan secretary, through his years at a Norfolk public school and Oxford, Mountstuart traces his haphazard development as a writer Early and easy success is succeeded by a long half century of mediocrity, disappointments and setbacks, both personal and professional, leading him to multiple failed marriages, internment, alcoholism and abject poverty.Mountstuart s sorry tale is also the story of a British way of life in inexorable decline, as his journey takes in the Bloomsbury set, the General Strike, the Spanish Civil War, 1930s Americans in Paris, wartime espionage, New York avant garde art, even the Baader Meinhof gang all with a stellar supporting cast The most sustained and best moment comes mid book, as Mountstuart gets caught up in one of Britain s murkier wartime secrets, in the company of the here truly despicable Duke and Duchess of Windsor Elsewhere author William Boyd occasionally misplaces his tongue too obviously in his cheek the Wall Street Crash is trailed with truly cra

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      Note William BoydOf Scottish descent, Boyd was born in Accra, Ghana on 7th March, 1952 and spent much of his early life there and in Nigeria where his mother was a teacher and his father, a doctor Boyd was in Nigeria during the Biafran War, the brutal secessionist conflict which ran from 1967 to 1970 and it had a profound effect on him.At the age of nine years he attended Gordonstoun school, in Moray, Scotland and then Nice University Diploma of French Studies and Glasgow University MA Hons in English and Philosophy , where he edited the Glasgow University Guardian He then moved to Jesus College, Oxford in 1975 and completed a PhD thesis on Shelley For a brief period he worked at the New Statesman magazine as a TV critic, then he returned to Oxford as an English lecturer teaching the contemporary novel at St Hilda s College 1980 83 It was while he was here that his first novel, A Good Man in Africa 1981 , was published.Boyd spent eight years in academia, during which time his first film, Good and Bad at Games, was made When he was offered a college lecturership, which would mean spending time teaching, he was forced to choose between teaching and writing.Boyd was selected in 1983 as one of the 20 Best of Young British Novelists in a promotion run by Granta magazine and the Book Marketing Council He also became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in the same year, and is also an Officier de l Ordre des Arts et des Lettres He has been presented with honorary doctorates in literature from the universities of St Andrews, Stirling and Glasgow He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2005.Boyd has been with his wife Susan since they met as students at Glasgow University and all his books are dedicated to her His wife is editor at large of Harper s Bazaar magazine, and they currently spend about thirty to forty days a year in the US He and his wife have a house in Chelsea, West London but spend most of the year at their chateau in Bergerac in south west France, where Boyd produces award winning wines.

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    • I have liked this book a great deal than I wanted to admit It flows easily, and the diary format, with short entries and some gossipy ingredients, makes it hard to break away This was addictive reading.Several readers in GR have criticized that they do not like the main character To me he comes across as an ordinary man, with weaknesses alcohol and women , some cowardly reactions, but showing also bouts of integrity and a fair amount of self honesty to what extent does diary writing invite to a [...]

    • I found this book to be different, in style, to others I ve read by this author After a couple of chapters I really wasn t sure if I liked it at all but by the end I was totally captivated It s written as a series of journal diary entries and tells the story of a life that s been lived in every decade of the 20th Century a life lived very much to the full Once I got used to the style I found that I was quickly sucked into the life of the character through whose eyes the story is told Some parts [...]

    • Thick, dense, and sprawling not my usual fare, I must say, but I simply could not put this book down Any Human Heart is one of those rare long novels that pulls you in and holds you tight throughout its many pages Exceptionally well written, William Boyd has a rare gift for effective and robust prose Any Human Heart has it all love, laughter, pain, torment, tears, successes and failures It s a masterpiece in every sense of the word The novel is the life story of an Englishman named Logan Mountst [...]

    • Britanci su snimili sjajan film snimljen po ovoj knjizi Kako to samo oni umeju da urade A na ovog autora obratite paznju, odlican je

    • Another book I read as part of the project to revisit the 2002 Booker longlist this is another difficult one to assess and review objectively because it covers such a variety of genres and subjects.The book is the diary of a fictional writer Logan Mountstuart, and covers all parts of his long life from his last year at a minor public school in 1923 to his death in France in 1991 His life is constructed to cover some fertile fictional territory, but for me never quite coalesced into a coherent wh [...]

    • I enjoyed this tremendously, even though I watched the TV adaptation a few weeks earlier, so I already knew the characters and plot though there are some differences RUCTURED AS MEMOIRSThis is presented as a compilation of journals kept by Logan Mountstuart from shortly before he left school in the 1920s until just before his death aged 85 Consequently, they describe things as they were at the time, with candour and an absence of hindsight It also means there are gaps and changes of style The pr [...]

    • I don t think I ve ever mourned the end of a character in quite the way I mourned Logan Mountstuart, tears winding down my temples as I peeled through the last pages in bed last night I don t tend to get all that emotionally invested in the things I read sentimental sure, but I typically retain that sense of fictionality yes, it was very sad when the man stopped drawing the deer but the way the main body of Any Human Heart is presented as a salvaged journal scaffolded by biographical annotation [...]

    • Yeah, I rally liked this book Maybe it is even amazing.I love it because it is set in France, both in Paris and villages along the coast, NYC, London, Spain, Nigeria, Reykjavik, the Bahamas and .I love it because it captures the WHOLE life of an ordinary man It is about youth, the middle years and aging Being a child and having children It is about love, the physical attraction and the emotional one.Logan, the central character, is, a man with strong sexual needs Some may label him as immoral Su [...]

    • I first heard of this book from Michael on the Books on the Nightstand podcast, the favorite he picked for the 2015 Booktopia discussions I had never heard of Booktopia, a book lovers festival, until after it stopped being held in Asheville, NC, an hour from me Sigh I wanted to sort of play along anyway, and grabbed the two books the four podcasters chose that I hadn t previously read This one has sat in my to read piles for a while and I finally started it when I was looking for something I rea [...]

    • When you start out, you ll think you might not like this book The main character is arrogant and, well, young Brash But keep going through this fictionalized journal that keeps track of seventy years of a man s life, including his heartbreaks and strongest loves Other reviewers bash it for its Forest Gumpness, yet to me it s not all that unbelievable that an upperclass intelligence officer might have contact with influential persons during one of the world s most tempestuous and active periods i [...]

    • If you can imagine Johnny English meeting Rolf Harris meeting Forrest Gump meeting Grahame Greene meeting Adrian Mole just after Sue Townshend lost interest in him , then you re not a million miles away from how the plot in this novel is set up.And although it does contain a lot of banality along with quite a few other weaknesses, this doesn t spoil too much what is a very, very special novel.When I read something that moves me, or resonates very strongly with me, I turn over the bottom of the p [...]

    • view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler The TV miniseries was just as good, maybe because Boyd wrote the screen play Fully recommended.

    • Fotograma da s rie televisiva Any Human Heart Channel 4 Viagem ao Fundo de Um Cora o , Any Human Heart 2002 no original, escrito pelo ingl s William Boyd n 1952 , um livro de mem rias Os Di rios ntimos de Logan Mountstuart um romance narrado na primeira pessoa por Logan Mountstuart que subdivide o seu di rio em fun o de acontecimentos ou factos determinantes O Di rio do Col gio , O Di rio de Oxford , O Primeiro Di rio de Londres , O Di rio da Segunda Guerra Mundial , O Di rio do P s Guerra , O D [...]

    • I finished the book last night, and did not sleep well What do I feel Grief How does one grieve for someone who was not real Will write up a review after I ve had some time to process.Later.There is an old adage that what you observe closely you cannot help but love That is how I feel about Logan Mountstuart In many ways LMS is an ordinary man who lives in extraordinary times, but he is not the hero of the times he lives in, but rather on the fringes of it Yes, he travels widely and has encounte [...]

    • One sign of a good book is the sense of emptiness that lingers once the last page has been reluctantly turned So it was with Any Human Heart, which completely and utterly spoiled me for whatever came next On finishing the book I found I missed the central character, Logan Mountstuart enormously, as if his death had been the death of someone I knew and loved Logan, with all his failings, manages to charm and beguile the reader in the way he charmed many who crossed his path I loved his wit, his h [...]

    • I ve never kept a diary myself, but do have admiration for those who do It seems to me to require a level of dedication that even a humble scribbler of fiction like myself would find hard to maintain I don t write every single day, let alone every single evening, and besides I like to make stuff up The fictional diary then perhaps offers the ideal halfway house for a novelist, allowing the form but without the chore of writing about every single day, no matter how little has actually happened.Of [...]

    • 4.5 5That was a good life A good, male life, lived through almost the entirety of the twentieth century Or at least, it made for good reading material, but I d like to think that in the end, Logan was happy in the least regretful sense that an old man can be I have to say, becoming a writer was probably the best thing he could have done in this time period He met so many renowned folks, and took part in so many historical events as he traveled the world over That may be my bias towards writing o [...]

    • One Man s Twentieth CenturyWilliam Boyd seems to like the panoramic novel, a saga that follows the course of a single character for most of a lifetime, while managing to give a history of a large swath of his century He first did it I think in 2000 with The New Confessions, then this one in 2002, then Waiting for Sunrise in 2012 I believe he is coming out with a new one in the genre in 2015, this time with a female protagonist, entitled Sweet Caress Any Human Heart exemplifies both the huge stre [...]

    • I d been putting this off or saving it Either way I had intended to read it on holiday at the end of April, the reason being that I thought it would be a tough book to tackle not difficult or unenjoyable, but the sort of thing I would need lots of time and proper concentration to really appreciate However, a few days ago my Kindle broke and, with nothing else available while I wait for it to be replaced, I decided to get stuck in to Any Human Heart I soon realised that as with Fingersmith, anoth [...]

    • I first read Any Human Heart ten years ago, and my short, five star review reflected much to like, though I had a much lesser interest in reading widely at that time.This was my original review If you like William Boyd, this will not disappoint.Written in the style of diary entries spanning life from birth to death Historical events provide a recognisable structure and our diarist inserts himself into history World War ll, Hemingway, Picasso.Logan Mountstuart traverses a life from establishment [...]

    • ANY HUMAN HEART takes the form of the collected and edited journals of Landon Mountstuart, a British author and art aficionado, who was born in the first decade of the 20th century and who died in the last It is a fine novel and I loved reading it while on vacation It is great recreational reading.Mountstuart began journaling while still a schoolboy and continued, off and on, until near the time of his death The arc of his life included taking a lowly third at Jesus College at Oxford University [...]

    • With the opening Henry James quote, I immediately knew this used bookstore find was a keeper.Structured as the collected diaries of Logan Mountstuart, Every Human Heart is the story of a life that spanned most of the twentieth century Because of the format, the style changes as Logan ages, there are gaps in the story when he didn t feel like writing, he can be touchingly confessional one moment and aggressively self justifying the next While he can certainly seem terribly self involved, lustful [...]

    • I ll write a proper review later maybe, but my initial thoughts This book started out as just okay for me hovering between three stars and four stars, then became a hazy four stars but very near the end marched up to five stars I loved Logan I came to know him and see him subtly change as the years took him from adolescence to an old man Always full of sprite and character I laughed with him and I cried with him Because of this I now feel a great sense of loss I m going to miss him He is a wise [...]

    • Note to self Max out 401kI find it very hard to believe that Logan Mountstuart was not a real person I googled him several times while I was reading this luscious novel by William Boyd It must be a biography I argued with myself I m sure that Simon Vance s first rate narration contributed to my incredulity.The story was a slow starter for me I almost didn t get past his football games at school but once I got the rhythm of the novel, I loved every witty minute of it A highlight for me was his po [...]

    • This is not my favorite book, this is not the most lofty book I ve ever read, its not going to break into the top ten list although I think it has become cemented into the top 20 However, It was a total page turner that kept me up late and wishing my subway rides would last longer but some how managed to feel important and slightly intellectual at the same time It was amazing and I m afraid to even recommend it because if you don t love it as much as I did it will break my heart.There are many t [...]

    • Didn t really like it It s written as a diary, and covers a good chunk of the 20th century Logan, the diarist, didn t compel me in the slightest, he was flat Although he experienced some exciting things in his life, from meeting Hemingway and Picasso, to being imprisoned as a spy, I found him boring I did read it through, which is something I kept hoping to start caring about him But I never did Perhaps it s the diary form that disagreed with me I think it may be the first of that style that I v [...]

    • An intimate journal of Logan Gonzalo Mountstuart LMS and a lifewell, lived The writing is captivating, 70 odd years of escapades, heartbreak, moderate promiscuity and lots of alcohol The sliding doors of his life, traversing the 20th century are reminiscent of Forest Gump sans the low IQ with some characters just as i imagined Hemingway drunk, impulsive, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor vapid, vain , and others not so much Virginia Woolf as a florid racist Like, I suppose, most folks born early i [...]

    • The language isn t difficult, but this is one of those books that needs 100 pages of your patience, because it takes that long for the small devices of the voice to take effect Once they do, the last 400 pages zip along.It s presented as though it were a posthumously published series of diary entries NOT a memoir This matters because the central appeal is the voice of a writer Logan Mountstuart talking candidly to himself, rather than positioning his experiences for public view The attraction of [...]

    • Can any single human heart take in all the history of the twentieth century Any Human Heart is a story of one such heart which could hold within almost all the crucial event of this turbulent age And the story is as sorrowful and rich as was the history of the century But there is always hope And suddenly I wonder is it of my bad luck to have been born when I was, at the beginning of this century and not be able to be young at its end I look enviously at these kids and think about the lives the [...]

    • My husband and I have been watching the recently filmed production of this, and even though it is enjoyable and very well done it is definitely one of those cases where the film cannot begin to compare to the novel As the novel is attempting to take on the scope of a man s entire life, that is just way too much materical to be satisfyingly shrunk into four episodes.One of the aspects the film emphasizes, though, is protagonist Logan Mountstuart s belief that life is nothing but a series of good [...]

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