A Scattered Life

A Scattered Life When free spirited Skyla marries proper and predictable Thomas Plinka she finally finds the love and stability she s craved since childhood She also acquires a new family mother in law Audrey disapp

  • Title: A Scattered Life
  • Author: Karen McQuestion
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • When free spirited Skyla marries proper and predictable Thomas Plinka, she finally finds the love and stability she s craved since childhood She also acquires a new family mother in law Audrey, disapproving and suspicious of Skyla s nomadic past father in law Walt, gruff but kind and Thomas s brothers, sofa bound Jeffrey, and Dennis, who moved across the country seeminWhen free spirited Skyla marries proper and predictable Thomas Plinka, she finally finds the love and stability she s craved since childhood She also acquires a new family mother in law Audrey, disapproving and suspicious of Skyla s nomadic past father in law Walt, gruff but kind and Thomas s brothers, sofa bound Jeffrey, and Dennis, who moved across the country seemingly to avoid the family Skyla settles into marriage and motherhood, but quiet life in small town Wisconsin can t quell feelings of restlessness Then into her life comes Madame Picard, the local psychic from the disreputable bookstore, Mystic Books, and new neighbor, Roxanne, whose goal in life is to have twelve kids even though she can t manage the five she has Despite her family s objections, Skyla befriends Roxanne and gets a job at the bookstore, and life gets fuller and complicated than she ever imagined Exceptionally heartwarming and inevitably bittersweet, A Scattered Life is a story that will stay with the reader long after the last page is read.

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      Karen McQuestion is the bestselling author of books for all ages Some of her titles include Hello Love, Life on Hold, The Long Way Home, and the Edgewood series Her publishing story has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR She has also appeared on ABC s World News Now and America This Morning McQuestion lives with family in Hartland, Wisconsin.Her website karenmcquestion Facebook facebook pages Karen M

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    • There was a period in my life where I felt the need to be detached Not physically being AROUND people was not the issue for me, the emotional connection is what I feared I had been forced to face a string of emotional torture and as a result I was almost irrevocably damaged I did not like to talk, I did not form attachments of any kind I avoided social situations, and importantly convinced myself that not caring was the easiest path that life had to offer Thankfully I recognized my moronicness [...]

    • A book I stumbled upon I just bought my first kindle and was online looking for an inexpensive or even free book to try out I found Encore, which I had never heard of before I liked the concept so loaded this book on my kindle Yesterday I read the entire book in one sitting.The story is mostly told from the perspective of Skyla who lost her mother at a young age and traveled the country with an unsettled father She meets Thomas and marries him, and a good portion of the book is also told from th [...]

    • I enjoyed reading this book Great literature No Deep philosophical impact No Fascinating character study No Enjoyable and affecting read Absolutely Generally, I found the characters to be flesh and blood than one dimensional they were a bit of a type, but then it was necessary to create the tensions in the book Not everyone was likable or even understandable which is what made them so believable I wanted to find the book trite and pedestrian, but little things tugged at me descriptions of feeli [...]

    • I bought this book because it was one listed on Encore as a good review This is a program designed to let new authors have a spotlight I had read a previous book by her and dubbed it was pure trashy chick lit, so I m gonna be honest and say that I was dreading reading this book, which I had purchased prior I wanted to get it over with.d let me tell you, BLECH Skyla is married to Thomas, who is a real jerk Her mother in law is also a jerk She befriends the very trashy Roxanne who has five kids, a [...]

    • I almost gave this book a 3 star average rating, but decided against it because I felt that there was a great deal missing from it The characters could have been fully developed, and over all it was just lacking something There were wonderful, descriptive narratives that led nowhere, too Also, the story often progressed without the reader knowing what amount of time had passed a week Six months It was a good story, an excellent message, but I was left with a void everything could have been fles [...]

    • I really wanted to like this book I wanted it to be a shining example of all the potential that e books have opened up for independent authors and readers alike.I didn t It felt.uncomfortable I ve read novels where the characters were small town narrow minded people that felt comfortable They were either still sympathetic characters or clearly not These were not sympathetic but felt as if the author thought they might be And while there was some attempt at a redemption near the end, it was way t [...]

    • I read all the reviews for A Scattered Life before I bought it and I was a little anxious There are some extremely negative reviews, but most failed to say why they didn t like the book, so I bought it anyway I sat down to read it and couldn t put it down The prose is amazing, the characters are well developed and believeable with all their very human frailties The author managed to take a storyline and present it from three different points of view and didn t falter once Skyla, a rootless orpha [...]

    • Skyla that s the name of the main character, and hers was a scattered life until she got married that is I looked up this rather unique name and learned that its meaning is fugitive How appropriate Skyla lost her mother when she was a little girl, and she was swept from one place to another while her father always tried to adjust to, but always didn t get the hang of things She was completely orphaned when she was 19, and was given a stable life only after she married Thomas, a man who likes con [...]

    • Like other reviewers, I also wanted to like this independently published novel I actually purchased it thinking I might identify with a character seemingly my age who found herself in a marriage and life that wasn t what she had envisioned for herself Nothing could be further from the truth Without the occasional pop culture references to Nickelodeon, I would have thought this novel was set in the 50s with all the Mercy me , Heaven only knows and Any normal family phrases that permeated the nove [...]

    • I bought this for 2.69 on and thought I d give it a shot SPOILERS BELOW There s a lady, Skyla, who used to work in a bar and met this weirdo almost Autistic like in his need for order and schedule Thomas and married him They have a clingy daughter, who has no discernable purpose or personality in the book Thomas has a mother, who s like most sitcom MIL s and thinks that she s always right, but is really just a big busybody think Everyone Loves Raymond Mom And there s a neighbor, Roxanne, who has [...]

    • Karen McQuestion writes for those of us women who need to identify with other women who don t talk about how much they make, women who didn t set aside their promising editorial careers for family and whine about it, women who don t have summer homes in the Cape , women who spy on their overky successful but gloriously egocentric cheating husbands, and so on When you search high and low for a book that you can identify with, laugh with, cry, dream, and become a part of, Karen McQuestion is the a [...]

    • I wanted to something to read on on my iphone app, saw the discounted book and said Why not take a chanceI read the book in one round trip subway commute it s a fast readIn my opinion the best character died, and then everyone made up in the end for a Hollywood ending The book is probably an OK basis for a Lifetime movie or soap opera storyline if you like such movies, you will probably like this book.

    • I wanted to like this book, but I didn t The characters were likeable, but lacked the depth needed to tell a story as this one set out to do about relationships Not a lot happens in this book until the end, so it relies almost solely on the characters which as I ve said, fall flat The author shows potential, though, because although I didn t like it I kept reading to the end.

    • This is a very disjointed story Few, if any, of the characters are particularly likeable and their situations don t seem very realistic I spent most of the book WAITING for something to happen and when it finally pulled you in and picked up steam, it was simply to wrap up.

    • I don t normally like sweet stories, but this was written so beautifully that it kept my interest The character development was done well The simplicity of the story made it possible to emphasize the relationships between just a few characters I really enjoyed this light read.

    • An okay readI enjoyed this book, but not as much as her other books she has as of this one her books.

    • There were so many things that I liked about this book I first downloaded it onto my kindle because I knew the main character had moved into an old house Old houses, my hook Well, there was very little about the old house Even the main character s friend moved into a big, old house Not much about that house either.There was quite a bit about Skyla and her husband, Thomas, and their odd relationship They were opposites and it often hurt to read about their life together Skyla grew up without a mo [...]

    • I knew that this was going to be typical chick lit when I opened it on the Kindle I had borrowed my mother s Kindle, and I think that she must have had this book on there because it was free The story line seems harmless enough and I actually relished the fact that I found almost no redeeming qualities in either Skyla s husband or his mother Things are thrown into the book for no reason, without any resolution, and the things that do have resolutions seem too pat and easy Skyla has a dream about [...]

    • I so admire this for an opening sentence Skyla s earliest memory of Thomas was linked with the smell of beer and the taste of blood This is how Karen McQuestion begins her e novel, A Scattered Life I was hooked from the start Skyla ends up marrying Thomas and within a few years, they have a daughter Nora and settle into regular life But life is never regular and neither are people and Skyla and Thomas are no exception They watch with interest, and a good deal of consternation on Thomas s part, a [...]

    • There s something in Karen McQuestion s novel that s reminiscent in both the style and family drama found in some of Anne Tyler s novels and Judith Guest s Ordinary People A Scattered Life brings together people looking for stability or at least that s what they initially believe and those who live fully, and damned what the neighbors think Not a one of the characters is without flaw There s Skyla, resentfully suppressing her own nature to accommodate her husband s practical side There s Roxanne [...]

    • An easy, straight forward read Enjoyed the way the characters came together and especially how in the end, the relationships and their importance on each of the characters lives worked out.

    • Karen McQuestion s debut novel was the first self published Kindle book to be optioned for a movie And here s why her characters are like real people.The plot of A Scattered Life moves a bit slowly I got the impression that nothing was really happening But the characters are so believable and likable that I didn t really mind I was content just to be in their company, listening to their conversations and finding truth and familiarity in the mundane dramas of real life A husband who doesn t real [...]

    • Well that ending wasn t what I was expecting This was one of those endings that found me reading until 2 am sobbing my eyes out The main character is Skyla pretty awesome name The reader finds out about her upbringing and her current life, married to Thomas with a young daughter, Nora Skyla is so multifaceted I feel she can be relatable to many She ends up becoming besties with a new neighbor, Roxanne Roxanne is the mother of 5 boys with hopes of reaching 12 children They are so opposite, yet th [...]

    • What kind of a name is McQuestion It sounds like a cartoon character that s a scientist educator duck bird thing This book is probably best filed under the summer beach reads category It s light, filled with simple, stereotypical characters in a small town, with a predictable story line.3 4 of the book was spent developing the characters and setting up the story, and then the ending felt rushed I guess I was hoping the twist in the Skyla s new friendship with an eccentric neighbor was a gory les [...]

    • Most of this book was just this quiet little story about three women and their desire to have fulfilling lives I liked it well enough and really didn t expect it to get as intense and dramatic as it did Not sure if it was because I could relate to being the mother of several children whose lives I exist for,or if it was because my family has recently lost a loved one after a very short fight against pancreatic cancer,but I found myself deeply affected,to the point of having to put the book down [...]

    • I m going to give this book an E for effort I felt a bit respect for it when I learned the author had published it herself as an eBook and was the first of such picked up by Kindle or something like that Learning that also answered some of my questions, mainly How the hell did this thing get published and Where was the editor I think there was a good, sweet story line that had very little substance to back it up There is not much character development, and several ok, almost all plot lines fall [...]

    • Three stars for being brave enough to self publish your book I thought the story started out very well The characters and their relationships were intriguing especially the mother in law I also enjoyed all the Wisconsin references I did not like the ending It seemed rushed and overly melodramatic I am a big fan of editors and I think this book could have been better if it had been professionally edited.

    • The basic story is interesting sort of but the work is so underdeveloped and the characters are so anemic that I can t give it than one star This author needs an firm handed editor in the worst way someone who can hand her work back with the comment nice outline, now make a novel out of it

    • wow what a GREAT free kindle book i am SOOOO glad i got this one toward the end i could relate to the book very much so and welljust a really great story about women friendship relationshipswow

    • Read ages ago, just trying to get old Kindle books onto so I remember that I actually read them at some point.

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