The Chaos

The Chaos Adam sees numbers when he looks in peoples eyes he can see their death dates just like his mum Jem used to Adam has trouble dealing with his awful gift and when he realises that everyone around him

  • Title: The Chaos
  • Author: Rachel Ward
  • ISBN: 9781906427306
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adam sees numbers when he looks in peoples eyes he can see their death dates, just like his mum Jem used to Adam has trouble dealing with his awful gift, and when he realises that everyone around him has the same series of numbers, he becomes deeply afraid of what might happen in 2025.Desperate to find out what could be about to go wrong, Adam spends hours researchinAdam sees numbers when he looks in peoples eyes he can see their death dates, just like his mum Jem used to Adam has trouble dealing with his awful gift, and when he realises that everyone around him has the same series of numbers, he becomes deeply afraid of what might happen in 2025.Desperate to find out what could be about to go wrong, Adam spends hours researching possibilities war, nuclear accidents, killer viruses He knows something big is coming, but what And is there anything he can possibly do about it

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    • I thought this was a great sequel to Numbers and I have no idea why some of the reviews said it was set at a slower pace, I d say the opposite if anything This book had everything I loved about the first novel but with a futuristic dystopian setting.But don t worry, the author hasn t abandoned the close relationship with the characters in favour of high action sci fi No, the characters in this were at least as interesting as Jem and Spider and this time we are introduced to a second perspective [...]

    • Yay I wont this in a contest and I am so excited I cannot wait for it to come in the mail for me to read The Chaos Numbers, 2 by Rachel Ward was an incredible book The story line was great, and I loved the way she actively incorporated mystery, suspicion and action all into the story equally.Adam has been born with the same genetic gift as his mother If he looks into your eyes he can see the day that you are going to die This has haunted him ever since he was a child When he starts seeing the sa [...]

    • So, this is one of those books that I have no idea how to review because im not actually sure how i feel about it, if anything i m a little confused Come on feelings, hurry up and get in check, this book nearly put me into a reading slump i just yeah, i dunno Let s do the good bits first and then the bad and we can see what happens So the characters I actually liked Adam and Sarah a lot than I liked Jem and Spider, they are well crafted teenagers who are stuck in terrible situations Adam is sli [...]

    • Adam has inherited his mother s ability to see numbers he sees the dates people will die when he looks into their eyes When he and his grandmother move back to London, Adam knows immediately that something s about to go very wrong, very soon Thousands of people have death dates within days of each other, most on the same day, New Year s Day 2027 Sarah has, as she puts it, a small problem that s becoming a big problem She is pregnant, and her father is the cause Also, she keeps having the same ni [...]

    • Tyler ArmstrongD Block November 18, 2012 Book Review of The ChaosThe book I read was The Chaos by Rachel Ward I would recommend this book to a friend because it has a great plot line and interesting characterization The first reason as to why I would recommend this book is that both main characters are in bad and very serious situations with their lives This makes the book extremely interesting and makes the reader want to read One of the main characters, Adam, is sixteen years old and lives wi [...]

    • The Chaos is the sequel to Numbers, and is a much better book The way the numbers work is explained better and the plot is consistent The Chaos also has the effect of making Numbers feel like a prequel Jem is long dead in this installment, and her son s story has a much larger scope.It s the year 2026, and things are a little different climate change has led to many towns being flooded, and the government microchips people for identification and surveillance Adam has been raised in a country to [...]

    • In NUM8ERS we met Jem a teen girl who by staring into a person s eyes can see their numbers The numbers are their date of expiration or the day of their death.Adam, is Jem s son and he was born with her same gift ,or curse, as he sees it Adam can not only see the numbers of the person s death but he can also feel whether it ll be a painful or peaceful one When he starts noticing that most of the people around him will perish in January 2027 and he feels that they will be horrible deaths he has a [...]

    • Like Numbers, the characterization is excellent, but for me the scenery and events lacked visual details.It is 2026 Jem died of cancer leaving her teen son, Adam, to be raised by Nan He has inherited his mother s gift of numbers, which she lost during pregnancy When he looks into someone s eyes he sees the date of their death He also experiences visual flashes and traumatic emotions He journals the details including names, dates, places and circumstances He hopes this exercise will relieve his a [...]

    • In my review of Rachel Ward s first book, Numbers, I talked about how impressed I was with the story that she had crafted, and the raw, unflinching feel of it Book 2, The Cha s, continues in this same thread, but with a few twists The Cha s alternates POVs this time around, following Adam, Jem s son, and Sarah Adam is similarly gifted as his mother was he can see the Numbers, people s death dates when he looks into their eyes But he also sees than that He actually feels their death for a brief [...]

    • Rebecca CummingsBlock CNovember 14, 2012TH3 CHA0S I would recommend the book TH3 CHA0S by Rachel Ward to a friend because the novel is suspenseful, the conflict becomes bigger, and throughout the story the main characters change I believe that throughout the story the main characters feelings change toward one another In the beginning of the book one of the protagonist s Sarah hated a boy named Adam She would say mean things to him like I don t want to see you again, bastard 164 As Sarah starts [...]

    • Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHE CHAOS picks up than a decade after NUMBERS ended Both Jem and Spider are dead and their son, Adam, is being raised by Spider s grandmother The heartbreaking ending of NUMBERS confirmed that Adam had indeed inherited his mothers morbid ability of seeing the date of a person s death in their eyes and the burden of that gift has taken its toll.But Adam is not just his mother s son He s every bit as angry at the world as his father was More so I could [...]

    • Okay, so I think I actually enjoyed this one than the first book Whilst the first was an almost four star book I rounded it up as it was so close this one was a full four star book.For me, the pace was so much better than in the first one With so much having been explained in the first book this one was able to flow at a much better pace, rather than things needing to be explained and the pace dipping somewhat.Plus, with new characters we have a whole new storyline to fall in love with I admit [...]

    • i liked it a whole lot than the first installment, but dang it girl, the law ALWAYS SIDES WITH THE CHILD FIRST she should ve gone to the police other than that it was great.

    • Quick Dirty An emotional roller coaster of fear and desperation, with a suspenseful plot that keeps you turning pages.Opening Sentence The knock on the door comes early in the morning, just as it s getting light.The Review Unfortunately for Adam, he learned at an early age just what the numbers mean Adam has inherited his mother s curse He can tell when someone s going to die by just making eye contact After moving from the country to London, Adam realizes that something is terribly wrong Adam c [...]

    • InhaltDer 16j hrige Adam kann Zahlen sehen Wenn er jemandem in die Augen blickt, sieht er dessen Todesdatum Als wenn das nicht schon schlimm genug w re, entdeckt er nun, dass mehr und mehr Menschen in London am gleichen Tag sterben werden dem 1 Januar 2028, n chstes Jahr Die gleichaltrige Sarah hat mit ganz anderen Problemen zu k mpfen Sie bekommt ein Baby und will ihrer Familie nichts davon erz hlen Dazu kommt ein schrecklicher Alptraum, der sie plagt und in dem sie zahllose Menschen sterben si [...]

    • Numbers The Chaos is an excellent sequel In my opinion, it s better than the first installment in the series, Numbers, thanks to a smoother pacing, a stronger plot, and strong characters.Adam is Jem and Spider s son from the first novel, and now he s a teenager living in a world that is falling apart The seas are rising, natural disasters are happening with increasing frequency, and life in England is taking a totalitarian bend with surveillance everywhere and human beings being chipped like ho [...]

    • This was certainly better, in my opinion anyway, than the first book in the series because it seemed to have a lot in the way of a plot and a story The idea that you can see when someone is going to die is still a very mysterious and scary thing because it challenges you to think about the way in which you would have to live were this something you had to deal with Adam is a smart but troubled kid and considering his mum was Jem and his dad spider, its not hard to tell But you can see the chara [...]

    • It s rare to find a sequel as strong as its precedent No matter how well constructed it is, it always lacks something, this spark of freshness every original novel, a first of a series, has When I read Numbers The Chaos, I wasn t expecting much of it I wasn t impressed with the first installment, so I knew it would be pointless to keep my hopes up Apparently it was the right thing to do because I absolutely loved the second part of the series.To begin with, this part is rooted in dystopic backgr [...]

    • If you are a reader that likes action, suspision, and mystery all equally balanced, The Chaos, by Rachel Ward, would be my recommendation for you This book is about a boy, Adam, who sees the date of death when he looks into someone s eyes He doesn t realize this until he sees his mom, Jem s number In order to see the number, all he has to do is look into their eyes he not only sees them but he feels how they are going to die This could be considered a gift, to others it may seem as a curse He li [...]

    • After reading Rachel Ward s Numbers last year, I was eager to read by her, especially since her future books would be part of the same world Sadly enough, while The Chaos is, without a doubt, an interesting and suspenseful addition, it truly didn t live up to Numbers, in my opinion The Chaos begins the story of Adam, the child of Jem and Spider the main characters of Numbers Just like his beloved mother, Adam can see the people s death dates as well as what will happen to them when he looks int [...]

    • Numbers Den Tod vor Augen ist der zweite Teil der Numbers Trilogie F r die folgende Rezension setze ich Band 1 als bekannt voraus, andernfalls k nnten Spoiler vorhanden sein.Worum geht s Wir schreiben das Jahr 2027 Die Menschheit hat es geschafft, dass ihre Welt von Naturkatastrophen heimgesucht wird Weite Teile der uns bekannten K sten sind bereits untergegangen.Adam lebt in dieser Welt und genau wie seine Mutter sieht er die Todesdaten der Menschen, denen er in die Augen blickt Eine Zahl begeg [...]

    • I would recommend the book The Chaos by Rachel Ward to a friend because of it s rich plot, suspense, and variety of conflicts Throughout The Chaos there are multiple conflicts One is the overall conflict the one Adam can see coming on the date of 01012027 He knows it will strike London so he decides to warn people of the upcoming danger The first of January Save yourselves, your families Get out of London Pg 250 Hoping to help people, Adam is arrested for breaking a law in the terrorism act of 2 [...]

    • I liked it I dunno Fun read, not too deep I didn t take any notes I wish she d done the Nelson storyline with a little care Like, there s overlap, of course, but I would never assume someone who can run view spoiler complex spatial analysis and GIS programs would also be the hacker to break into public information systems Also, it doesn t endear me to Adam that he just endangered the guy and split hide spoiler The Adam Sarah viewpoints were neato I liked seeing the same scenes through both of t [...]

    • Numbers 2 The Chaos by Rachel Ward After I finished Numbers 2 by Rachel Ward, my mind was a complete mess I like how a lot of things are happening at the same time, but sometimes it s hard to wrap my mind on what is going on The tone and plot of the story let the readers know that there is a lot going on in this story Numbers 2 by Rachel Ward has a way of describing the real world society, the side where it s messed up This makes me think because not a lot of people has encountered this dark sid [...]

    • Why I read this I read the first book and figured that I d give the second book a chance.Plot Adam is the son of Jem, a young woman who we met in the first novel Numbers He must figure out what is going to happen in January of 2027 since that is the deathdate he sees over many of the people living in London.Sarah has been dreaming about Adam since her father got her pregnant In her dream, Adam steals her baby away and jumps through a fire When she meets him in the flesh, she panics Why has this [...]

    • Just like the first book in the series Chaos left me with a myriad of emotions The storyline I absolutely loved, the characters not so much The plot was thrilling, chilling and often downright terrifying Rachel Ward pulls no punches and spares us readers nothing The storytelling in honest, blunt, straightforward and doesn t shy away from the dangerous scenes described in a gritty detail that makes you cringe There s not a dull moment in this book and often you ll feel the need to put the book do [...]

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