Zero at the Bone

Zero at the Bone After witnessing a mob hit surgeon Jack Francisco is put into protective custody to keep him safe until he can testify A hitman known only as D is blackmailed into killing Jack but when he tracks hi

  • Title: Zero at the Bone
  • Author: Jane Seville
  • ISBN: 9781935192817
  • Page: 415
  • Format: ebook
  • After witnessing a mob hit, surgeon Jack Francisco is put into protective custody to keep him safe until he can testify A hitman known only as D is blackmailed into killing Jack, but when he tracks him down, his weary conscience won t allow him to murder an innocent man Finding in each other an unlikely ally, Jack and D are soon on the run from shadowy enemies Forced toAfter witnessing a mob hit, surgeon Jack Francisco is put into protective custody to keep him safe until he can testify A hitman known only as D is blackmailed into killing Jack, but when he tracks him down, his weary conscience won t allow him to murder an innocent man Finding in each other an unlikely ally, Jack and D are soon on the run from shadowy enemies Forced to work together to survive, the two men forge a bond that ripens into unexpected passion Jack sees the wounded soul beneath D s cold, detached exterior, and D finds in Jack the person who can help him reclaim the man he once was As the day of Jack s testimony approaches, he and D find themselves not only fighting for their lives but also fighting for their future A future together.

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      Jane Seville is an author living in Columbus, OH She enjoys reading and writing about good looking men doing naughty things to each other She grew up around gay men her mother directed the local gay men s chorus Then she went off to a women s college, where as you might guess, she was surrounded by gay women Despite not being gay herself, Jane has always had a deep connection to the gay rights movement and continues to do whatever she can to help its advancement.Jane loves cooking, VH1 pop culture shows, inventing her own craft projects and walking her Newfoundland.

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    • Nick s Very First Giffy ReviewThere s D the sexy hit manAnd Jack the sexy doctorThere s lots of thisAnd lots of thisEven some of this And I was left like thisRead The Book

    • New review posted May 13, 2013 Re read and buddy read with Rosalinda, May 2013 Thank you, Rosa, it was a pleasure mwah Jack is a maxillofacial surgeon with a subspecialty in craniofacial surgery Maxillofacial surgeons treat injuries, diseases, and defects in the skull, jaw, neck, and face After witnessing a mob hit in an underground garage, Jack is put into protective custody to keep him alive until the trial begins and he can testify D is a hit man and a former view spoiler member of a Special [...]

    • OK, so I was SO INCREDIBLY LATE to this party, it is almost shameful Zero at the Bone was published way, way back in 2009 If you are a M M romance fan, like me, and haven t read this FAN FUCKING TASTIC novel yet What are you waiting for I kept thinking that as I read this one I can t believe I am just reading this now And what is even shameful I bought this back in January of 2012 I am ridiculous Mercenary MC D is a lost and lonely man He has been denying his basic human emotions for 10 years, [...]

    • self indulgent, overlong, and inauthentic, he snarledads like fanfic, and probably wast a total horror show there was tension, and that opening chapter or two was pretty good far as canonical MM reads go, i am now something like 3 for 1,093 in terms of agreeing with consensus.fuck it, fuck this book, and fuck you too smiles sweetly

    • Why doesn t this author write MORE I adored this book Jane Seville just BLEW MY MIND There are so many amazing reviews of this book by many of my friends A few days have gone by since I have read this book and the characters and their chemistry are still with me I m having trouble organizing my thoughts so I ll just blurt out a few highlights 1 Can I just say how much I love that Jack was an oral surgeon As someone who really knows and understands oral surgery, I think that the author did a kick [...]

    • This book was incredibly well written by Jane Seville and has all the ingredients for a great readtion, kidnapping, courtroom drama, car chases, shoot outs, a big dose of humour and a beautifully told romance between two very unlikely characters.5 Glorious StarsWe meet Dr Jack Francisco in a Police interview room, still covered in the blood of a woman he saw murdered, before his very eyesMaria Dominguez She was due to testify against her ex husband, one of the Dominguez Brothers for his part in [...]

    • This book is something like watching an action mafia movie, only it has personal drama and gay heroes The writing style is unusual, not like what I m used to, so it took me a while to get over it and just read D has some strange accent and speaks jargon all the time, so it took me a while to get used to that too lolSo the story is about Jack, the doctor with the perfect life, witnessing a murder done by the mob, and of course, after he goes to the witness list they all want him dead D, the myst [...]

    • 4.5 Stars This book collected so much dust on my kindle shelf it s not even funny Yeah.just call me an e this book was good Really good Now, I have some minor complaints It was a bit long 9700 locah lengthaversionAnd the sex was about 3 steps up from fade to black Not descriptive and detailed at all But damn, I loved this one anyways was quiet and moody and closed off But when he wasn t, he was so sweet.I wish he would have talked normal but I got over that Despite the length, I was never bored [...]

    • Written January 8, 2015Re reading is time listening to the 13 20 hrs audiobook narrated by Alan Smith.This was one of my first M M romances back in May 2013 and I loved it Soooo very much Still loving it YAY ill 5 big stars I m glad I read it first but the audiobook was a fun way to meet these amazing lovebirds and enjoy this thrilling storyplot once again I feel I missed a bit of D s way of funny talking here but all in all okay done by this narrator and not a boring minute.As I said to a frien [...]

    • Buddy reading with Melissa 3 3The plot it was amazing I highly recommend this story for those who enjoy thrillers and romantic suspense while appreciating a slow build romance.Zero at the Bone is about a surgeon Jack whose life is in peril when he becomes a witness to a mob hitD is an assassin and he can choose and what he doesn t want to doBut this time he can t refuse,he is blackmailed into killing Jack.When D meets Jack, he really isn t able to kill the man,the innocence of the man is clear i [...]

    • Read again for the Re Romancing Favorites Challenge and I loved it just as much as the first time I read it.Original review from Nov 2009 Dr Jack Francisco witnesses a murder as he leaves work one day and before he knows it his life has changed completely Taken into protective custody and moved across country until he can testify against the killers, Jack finds himself separated from his friends, family and patients While he is naturally upset at the situation Jack is at heart a good and honorab [...]

    • BUDDY READ WITH THE BEAUTIFUL LINDSAYThank you so much Kelly for the recommendation I LOVED LOVED LOVED it image error This book really surprised me as I usually go for books which are full of hot sex YES you heard right I am shallow and love books with sex sex and sex But with this book something gripped me and kept me reading Even now I m not sure what it was Maybe it was The well written story The gripping characters The fact D and Jack overcome past issues and move forward together or The s [...]

    • 4.5 stars Why did I wait so long to read this book Why Feel free to tell me I ve been stupid.First of all, D is Jason Statham He is, it s not just me, right Seriously, look What can I say that hasn t already been said Very long book, but I never got bored, not for one second Fast paced, with a surprise around every corner, this is probably the BEST romantic suspence I ve ever read.The dual POV that changed quite often worked great, and when we sometimes got the POV of some secondary characters, [...]

    • First off, I ve gotta say that I love this coverrarely do I see a cover match up so exactly with what I have in my head but this D and Jack is perfectdy language and all D is sort of badass and standoffish, Jack is a bit boyish and nervous I love it This is a story about a hit man, D, and and his mark, Jack You d think that no excuse is good enough to convince you that a man who kills other people for a living could be a good person, but D can change your mind He s not ALL good He still kills p [...]

    • Warning I m not going to make friends with this review In fact I might lose some, ha But Zero at the Bone practically considered a classic in the m m genre didn t do it for me Most I can make of it is meh , which translates to 2,5 stars It started out well I really liked the premise of the story, I liked the fact that Jack held his own despite being helpless in the situation and I was intrigued by the dark and brooding D I loved D s internal monologue about his vault, in which he kept his dark s [...]

    • This story was amazing Absolutely, positively OMG I actually hugged my ereader after AMAZING And I actually considered staring over immediately and reading it again yes, I think I may have some obsessive compulsive issues as well This was about Jack a maxillofacial surgeon who works at Johns Hopkins In Balti, MD which is quite cool for me because i actually have one, and he works at Johns Hopkins Leaving work one day he witnesses a woman getting murdered, he hides so no one sees him and watches [...]

    • I love it when authors do a mix up and veer away from the expected Jane Seville takes an anti hero assassin like D and pairs him with Mr normal Jack who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and weaves one of the best gay fiction stories around them that I think I will ever read This book has everything a proper gutsy, gritty crime backstory that never loses pace or excitement edge of the seat stuff and one of the best m m romances in the genre that starts slowly and ends up packing a real emo [...]

    • Maybe it s that I m getting demanding or impatient, or no longer feel the need to suffer through books that aren t holding my interest, but at 35% I just gave up I had high hopes for this one There were lots of great reviews and I really liked the premise, but the actual delivery fell short.Jack, a surgeon, witnesses a murder and agrees to testify He s taken into protective custody D, an assassin, takes the job to take him out Everything was going well, right up until the moment these two actua [...]

    • This was great I dip into M M now and again It is not my usual reading genre Loved this one Really good story kept me guessing all the time Jack was great but D was yummy Only complaint was they way he talked just got on my nerves a bit but eventually got used to it Good sex not too much for me Plot was great lovely to see the way D opened up to Jack and you could really feel how in love they were The author has a few short stories on her webpage which were set after this one finished and they [...]

    • I love this book, it had everything, action, romance, suspense and humor, I absolutely loved Jack and D, wow the chemistry between them jumped out at you from each page, they clicked beautifully The continuous banter was hilarious and the suspense scenes had me on the edge of my seat, intense and gripping Emotionally its lovely when D opened his heart to love, slowly coming in from the cold I couldn t put it down, its that good, a thrilling and wonderful story Jack and D are fabulous guys, I hig [...]

    • My impression reading this book It s like watch a very good action movie Jack He is a very talented surgeon in the witness protection program He saw a murder, and have no choice he must testify against one of the most powerful and danger criminal organization.D yeah, a letter his name you will know only after a while He is a hit man Incredible clich sorry but the better way to describe him is a assassin with conscience He pick his jobs, and use his god evil judgment to decide who must die by his [...]

    • Wow Umjust, WOWThis book has everything in it mystery and intrigue, romance and great sexual tension, action and suspense And lots of sex D, a big, bad ass hit man being forced to kill Jack, state s witness and former practicing doctor Well, things don t exactly turn out as planned In the beginning, I immediately loved Jack because he reminded me a lot of myself Especially when he had to nurse D back to health and how he always asking D a bunch of questions D would have went ahead and killed me [...]

    • DNF at 24%I am sorry but I couldn t finish this one Normally I give a book that I couldn t finish only one star And write at least a small explanation WHY I didn t like a book.But can I rate a book if I ve read less than 30% Do I need then to explain WHY I don t like it I didn t care about the plot I didn t care about the main characters.I didn t care even if it would be dry or with lubricant Or when and how Did I answer your question This book and me just don t have chemistry.Read Adam s review [...]

    • Oh Jack and D, how do I love thee Let me count the ways I loved that D thought he didn t have the capability to express himself with the right words yet his were some of the most beautiful I have ever read For example Jus sit on the side a the bed, okay Maybe pull up a chair Don t gotta say nothin or do nothing Jus please don t let go a me My heart just about broke when I read that And then this and he felt the solid lock of their pieces fitting together again, his whole life a solitary odyssey [...]

    • I keep debating with myself but WTF I m putting this at 5 and leaving it there pIt was among the first m m stories I read and it has flaws but I enjoyed it, gruff D with his weird accent and clever innocent Jack A big bad killer with a heart, the man who saves him while being saved A touch ridiculous but so what I like the contrast of characters, the different strengths and how they come together.It s a PTP for Brokeback which I ve not watched life is to short for shitty endings but such a diffe [...]

    • This book has a great premise and based on the raving reviews I d read, I was sure it would be a sure winner Well, I m sorry to say that I failed to see what all the fuss was aboutDr Jack Francisco has the misfortune of witnessing a mob murder and has his life turned upside down These particular mob murderers have been escaping the law for years and they ve managed to be acquitted from every crime charged against them, as witnesses of those alleged crimes always disappear mysteriously before the [...]

    • 4 As a romantic suspense story, this was really good In fact, the formula of this story reminded me a lot of a good Christy Reece romance suspense a fav author of mine , except with a m m spin She often pairs a dark shady hero with a good heroine above reproach, faces them off against multiple possible bad guys, and then protects them with a super secret agency of professional good guys with endless resources at their fingertips Zero at the Bone was an intense romance suspense with the most unli [...]

    • But never met this FellowAttended or aloneWithout a tighter BreathingAnd zero at the bone Emily DickinsonThis Fellow, either the hit man or the doctor Either attended, looked after and taken care of, or alone through self imposed darkness and ruthless exterior No reason without a tighter Breathing since the potency of fear catches one s breath And in one moment you could be left with nothing but a cold void shot through the core of the bone.D got up and paced It was pointless, but at leastit mad [...]

    • I LOVED IT 4.5 STARS Dr Jack Francisco has just witnessed the murder of a woman, Maria Dominguez, in a parking lot as he was walking to his car Now, Jack finds himself in WITSEC and having to testify against the men he saw commit the crime D is a hit man and being blackmailed into killing a witness He shows up at Jack s house ready to do the deed, but he couldn t do it He couldn t take an innocent life away for doing nothing wrong So now, D is determined to protect him from whoever wants him dea [...]

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