Death by Pantyhose

Death by Pantyhose Freelance writer Jaine Austen has never been able to resist the siren call of an Eskimo Pie just like she can t resist renewing her romance with Andrew an old crush With her bank account hitting new

  • Title: Death by Pantyhose
  • Author: Laura Levine
  • ISBN: 9780758207852
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Freelance writer Jaine Austen has never been able to resist the siren call of an Eskimo Pie, just like she can t resist renewing her romance with Andrew, an old crush With her bank account hitting new lows, she s also just agreed to write jokes for Dorcas, a stand up comic who throws her pantyhose into the audience as a punch line.Not only is Dorcas s act a bomb, she is hFreelance writer Jaine Austen has never been able to resist the siren call of an Eskimo Pie, just like she can t resist renewing her romance with Andrew, an old crush With her bank account hitting new lows, she s also just agreed to write jokes for Dorcas, a stand up comic who throws her pantyhose into the audience as a punch line.Not only is Dorcas s act a bomb, she is heckled by Vic, a gorgeous fellow comic Naturally when Vic is murdered with Dorcas s pantyhose and that same Dorcas is standing over his dead body, the police arrestDorcas They figure it s an open and shut case, although Jaine figures no killer can be that dumb.But when Jaine sets out to find the real culprit, she is distracted by one dating disaster after another with Andrew and she may not see the dark side of comedy until she faces the business end of a gun and a cold, deadly grin

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      Grew up in Brooklyn, New York, back when mastodons and Edsels still roamed the earth.Education Barnard CollegeFirst job Reporter photographer at a newspaper so small, we had our photos developed in the local camera shop.Advertising claim to fame I created Count Chocula and Frankenberry cereals for General Mills gets invented, and I get a job as a sitcom writer, turning out scripts for shows like The Bob Newhart Show, Three s Company, Laverne Shirley, The Love Boat, The Jeffersons, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.Current and favorite incarnation Author of Jaine Austen mysteries.Marital status Wedded blissfully to business journalist Mark Lacter aka Mr Hubby , whose insightful coverage of the Los Angeles business scene can be checked daily at laobserved biz Favorite authors COMEDY Joe Keenan MYSTERY Agatha Christie SERIOUS STUFF Anne Tyler.Hobbies Reading, swimming, gardening, and lots of walks mainly to the refrigerator.

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    • Death by Panty Hose is 6 in Laura Levine s Jaine Austen mystery series There is so much to kvetch about with this series the predictability of both plot and dialogue for starts that I m going to simply by pass the whole process and say I like this series.I m not sure why but it s mildly addictive Like some not very good for you cellophane wrapped concoction that you buy and complain about as soon as you ve finished scarfing it down And then buy again.I like Jaine with an i I like her cat Prozac [...]

    • More Enjoyable, Comical Adventures With Jaine Has life in this chaotic world got you down Well, I highly suggest a trip into the wacky world of Jaine Austen We join Jaine, strapped for cash and looking forward to a scheduled job interview with Stan McCormick of Rubin McCormick , one of L.A s hottest ad agencies While prepping herself for the interview, she receives a call from Comic, Dorcas MacKenzie, who wants Jaine to write some new comedic material, but, is only willing to pay a paltry sum Ja [...]

    • Freelance writer Jaine Austen s finances are looking pretty good until a con man, under the guise of a potential employer, takes her for a free lunch and her Toyota Now Jaine has to come up with enough funds for a new car Desperate for money, she reluctantly agrees to become a writer for feminist comedian Dorcas MacKenzie whose signature is cutting up a pair of pantyhose and throwing it at her audience On and off stage, Dorcas is heckled by Vic, a mean spirited comedian who can t keep his hands [...]

    • Great read as usual Didn t enjoy it as much as the first few, hopefully that will change in the next one.

    • In this parody of Hollywood behavior, Levin continues to crank out good mysteries with enjoyable laugh lines.

    • This is a great mystery series I discovered over Christmas Jaine, the main character, is a real person, a true everywoman I know some people may think the crazy things that happen to her are far fetched however they resemble some of my own life adventures Laura Levine s Jaine Austin books will make you laugh and keep you guessing who done it along with Jaine In this installment, panty hose are introduced as a murder weapon and Jaine has to weave pitiful loaner cars through the streets of Hollywo [...]

    • I love this series They remind me a little of Stephanie Plum books I love that the main character is nowhere near perfect I love when she talks to her cat And I love that the author writes what Jaine is really thinking, then Well, okay so what I really said was These books are fun and they make you laugh out loud at the crazy things that happen to Jaine I also don t usually figure out who did it until the end.

    • Freelance writer Jaine Austen is once again unemployed and having a real bad day Her ancient Toyota Corolla is stolen, her father is wanted by the police for stealing an old Hawaiian shirt, a potential employer calls her a liar and the only job prospect on her arisen is arrested for murder by pantyhose The only thing Jaine can do is investigate the murder and not lose out on a job offer.Jaine has obstacles thrown in her path then she would care to admit It all starts with her cat Prozac, who is [...]

    • This series is very entertaining though it is often as unrealistic as television shows of the past like I Love Lucy, Green Acres, and Mr Ed The situations Jaine gets herself into are so unrealistic and out there that even a person with the worlds worst luck wouldn t be able to experience it all The book starts off with Jaine heading to a big job interview but when she gets there the man she thinks she is being interviewed by steals her car instead She is forced to get a rental and naturally the [...]

    • Jaine Austen is an out of work advertisement writer After having her car stolen and losing her chance for potential employment, she becomes desperate to find a job She received a phone call from Dorcas, a budding comedian, whose comedy act leaves much to be desired Jaine decides to try and help her After witnessing one of Dorcas s routines, Jaine is convinced that not even her talent as a writer can help Dorcas s routine Things go from desperate to shocking when Dorcas, in a fit of rage, attacks [...]

    • I confess, I m a serial Laura Levine reader Yes, there is some repetition from book to book, but not enough to keep me from putting one down and opening up another I first became acquainted with Levine by way of an audio version of a holiday book called THE GINGERBREAD COOKIE MURDER, made up of three novellas, one by Joanne Fluke whom I find unreadable , Leslie Meier, and Levine The reader of the Levine offering gave such personality and character to heroine, Jaine Austen, that I immediately wen [...]

    • Closer to 2.5 stars than three I think this is the second mystery series where the mystery is basically Clue with a sardonic female detective Some mystery authors seem to think that all that is needed for a mystery is a list of 10 people who all had reason to kill Mr Boddy, interviews with said people that reveal not a whole lot except for irrelevant detail, and then the guy who actually did it is not who the detective really suspected at all, but nevertheless he kidnaps and tries to kill her, s [...]

    • Death by PantyhoseLaura LevineMystery287 pagescopyright 2007isbn 0 7582 0786 7Freelance writer Janie Austin has never been able to resist the siren call of Esikmo Pie, just like she can t resist renewing her romance with Andrew, an old crush With her bank account hitting new lows, she s also just agreed to write jokes for Dorcas, a stand up comic who throws her pantyhose into the audience as a punch line.Not only is Dorcas s act a bomb, she is hackled by Vic, a gorgerous fellow comic Naturally w [...]

    • All her books are pretty much the same, but still enjoyable But I do hope one day she gets the cat declawed I d be super peeved if my cats were clawing up the furniture and pillows and everything In this book Jaine is looking for work like always and gets hired by Dorcas, a comedian who needs Jaine to write good jokes for her The first night that Jaine goes to hear Dorcas s act, she meets a bunch of people who later become suspects when Dorcas s arch enemy Vic ends up dead, with Dorcas found sta [...]

    • This book is exactly why I always give an Author two chances to hook me as a reader This book was way to my taste than the last one I d read In Death by Pantyhose there was a balance between the humor which was general, and the actual murder mystery I truly enjoyed the e mails from the parents and the inner thoughts of Jaine as she bumps through her daily life while attempting to help others by solving crimes This book had it all, an interesting mode of murder, interesting locations and charac [...]

    • I knew that this would be a fluff mystery when I picked it up at the library, so I wasn t expecting a great deal of gravitas or heavy plotting I kept my expectations low Even so, I was disappointed The book is very repetitive Every time food is offered to the heroine, she says she s not going to take it, and then she does She says what others say, and then confesses that she made up part of it After the first couple of times, this is no longer in any way funny it s just plain annoying For me, to [...]

    • This was such a funny book I loved her writing style Now, to me, the plot was a bit silly I mean, someone strangled with a set of pantyhose Anyway, it didn t matter since the writing was so humerous Jaine s day turns from good to bad and she ends up writing jokes for a terrible commedian who uses pantyhose in her act When another nasty comic ends up strangled with the same kind of hose, Jaine decides to help solve the mystery The whole club is filled with suspects who all have motives to kill hi [...]

    • This was my least favorite of the series I felt Laura s mind was elsewhere while writing this book I really love Laura s series comedic talent but it just wasn t displayed to full capacity I was very surprised to find myself reluctant to read this latest installment Death by Panty Hose is definitely not the book to read to discover the series I understand Laura s cat, Mr Guy, passed away so I believe that may be why her heart wasn t in it I didn t like the story, one of the character s names Dor [...]

    • Jaine s day starts out great and then gets really bad after her car is stolen on her way to a job interview So she takes a job to write jokes for a very bad comic to bring some money in So she goes to watch the woman s act which ends with the woman dramatically cutting up a pair of pantyhose for the finale The act wasnt funny, and it was even less funny when a rival comic is found dead later that night, strangled by pantyhose and her standing over the body.I really enjoy this series It is witty [...]

    • DEATH BY PANTYHOSE 6 in the Jaine Austen Series Note This series might be considered fluff mystery or mystery light Each book can be read separately and out of order While many of the jokes and much of the plot remain the same, I still enjoyed the novel It seems like the writing improves as the series goes on perhaps due to the practice, practice, practice mentioned in this installment and the confidence that stems from five successful and mostly well received novels I will continue to read the [...]

    • Death by Pantyhose by Laura Levine is the 6th book in the Jaine Austen Mystery series Needing money when her corolla is stolen, Jaine takes on a job to write for a comic, Dorcas, whose signature is to throw her pantyhose into the audience at the end of her act A fellow comic is killed with a pair of her pantyhose and Dorcas is arrested for the crime Another funny and entertaining book, although it is hard not to feel sorry for Jaine with all the disasters that come into her life Plenty of LOL mo [...]

    • I had anecdotal based feedback about this book, and it wasn t good I thought this book will disappoint but in fact it s one of the best mysteries I ve ever read While writing it s difficult to make a clue blend in with red herrings Imagine how difficult it is to disguise a clue as a joke That s awfully tough to pull off I now feel that Laura Levine can do no wrong The entire whole shift stick thing and the red hair incident were brilliantly thought of The fact that this book scored even than th [...]

    • Another Jaine Austen mystery This book was so funny I love Jaine and her cat Prozac In this one, Jaine s car is stolen which forces her to take on a job she wouldn t normally take on Writing jokes for a stand up comedian named Dorcas who is not funny and ends her act by throwing her pantyhose into the audience When a comic named Vic is strangled with a pair of pantyhose, Dorcas is the number one suspect But there are lots of people who wanted Vic dead and Jaine sets out to find the murderer The [...]

    • The main character was likeable and the plot was uncomplicated I congratulate the author on not having the old girl gets the boy thing at the end It was funny and some parts were original I wouldn t mind reading this author again However I wasn t too fond of the way the protagonist would say one character said something and then confess that it wasn t actually the case and that they said something else It felt like the author was trying too hard to make the character an enigma While I can apprec [...]

    • From my perspective, I can enjoy probably a few of these series of books before I ve had enough They re not BAD books by any means I appreciate the sprinkles of humor and the lack of blood guts gore in a murder mystery, however it s like having a candy bar One, maybe two, is enough.The plots are almost identical in the book series I always feel bad for the main character, Jaine She always nukes junk food, wears stretchy waistbands, has a narcissistic cat, feels awkward in every situation, and ne [...]

    • The sixth Jaine Austen mystery finds Jaine agreeing to write jokes for an unfunny stand up comic But before she can get started, the woman is arrested for murder The weapon, a pair of pantyhose Definitely for those who love funny mysteries, this one will keep you laughing while you puzzle over the clues.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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