Against Interpretation and Other Essays

Against Interpretation and Other Essays First published in this celebrated book Sontag s first collection of essays quickly became a modern classic and has had an enormous influence in America and abroad on thinking about the arts an

  • Title: Against Interpretation and Other Essays
  • Author: Susan Sontag
  • ISBN: 9780312280864
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • First published in 1966, this celebrated book Sontag s first collection of essays quickly became a modern classic, and has had an enormous influence in America and abroad on thinking about the arts and contemporary culture As well as the title essay and the famous Notes on Camp, Against Interpretation includes original and provocative discussions of Sartre, Simone WeiFirst published in 1966, this celebrated book Sontag s first collection of essays quickly became a modern classic, and has had an enormous influence in America and abroad on thinking about the arts and contemporary culture As well as the title essay and the famous Notes on Camp, Against Interpretation includes original and provocative discussions of Sartre, Simone Weil, Godard, Beckett, science fiction movies, psychoanalysis, and contemporary religious thinking This edition features a new afterword by Sontag.

    • Unlimited Against Interpretation and Other Essays - by Susan Sontag
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      Jewish American literary critic, theorist, novelist, and filmmaker.

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    • There was a time, long ago and in another age, when anyone at university who wanted to be well read or conversant with things intellectual read this book I m one of them I sat in Cross Campus at New Haven and devoured Against Interpretation one autumn afternoon Needless to say, I had a deep intellectual crush on Susan Sontag ah, I thought, if only I d been able to court her in some alternate New York where we were both eighteen or nineteen I still love this book, all these years later It brings [...]

    • Against Interpretation and Other Essays, Susan SontagAgainst Interpretation is a collection of essays by Susan Sontag published in 1966 It includes some of Sontag s best known works, including On Style, and the eponymous essay Against Interpretation In the last, Sontag argues that in the new approach to aesthetics the spiritual importance of art is being replaced by the emphasis on the intellect Rather than recognizing great creative works as possible sources of energy, she argues, contemporary [...]

    • None of us can ever retrieve that innocence before all theory when art knew no need to justify itself, when one did not ask of a work of art what it said because one knew what it did From now to the end of consciousness, we are stuck with the task of defending art.I ended up finding Against Interpretation useful Its central claim is that there is a kind of interpretation that is anti art in that it diminishes the possibilities for appreciating enjoying experiencing the art rather than increasing [...]

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    • Here is where I discovered my model, my ideal I too aspire to be able to discuss and analyze so deftly literature, cinema, music, theater, philosophy, theory and society, and their countless and inevitable intersections The celebrated Notes on Camp and the title essay are the standouts, but everything even the comparatively weak theater reviews are worth reading My idea of a writer someone who is interested in everything from Afterward 30 Years Later

    • The famous essay on camp is in this edition as well as wonderful essays on Godard and Beckett Sontag was an amazing essayist, a really great cultural critic A walking and breathing treasure of knowledge and clear thinking One would think she would have loved but then maybe not For sure she would be arguing with everyone on this site What fun But seriously even if one disagrees with her work, she is important just for her taste in literature among other things.

    • There don t seem to be as many public intellectuals around as there used to be Sure, there are commentators than ever look at the many, many bloggers out there, as well as other individuated voices carving out their own identity, even within larger publications But the public intellectual in the middle of the 20th century seemed to comprise something different, something a bit larger in scope These days, criticism tends to be done piecewise, either commenting or reacting incrementally on each n [...]

    • The strange thing about this criticism is that it has already become outmoded Not that Sontag s critiques are themselves inadequate, but that the ground beneath them has shifted in very predictable given her own theses ways And in some way, these I hesitate to call them essays, as the great majority of this book is given over to reviews critiques lead the reader to the conclusion that Sontag s reviews are ephemeral where they should have been permanent But perhaps that is the nature of the revie [...]

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    • It is time that the novel became what it is not a form of art which people with serious and sophisticated taste in the other arts can take seriously and in our own time, art is becoming increasingly the terrain of specialists The most interesting and creative art of our time is not open to the generally educated it demands special effort it speaks a specialized language I m such a sucker for smart people If all the idiots were liberals and all the right wingers were arty types and brainiacs I d [...]

    • Notizen1 Gegen InterpretationDas Primat des Inhalts ber die Form f hrt zur Erkl rbarkeit dessen, was das Kunstwerk uns sagen will solchen Fragen hat sich Beckett entschieden widersetzt , dass es auf den Inhalt reduziert wird Damit wird es interpretierbar Interpretation ist die Rache des Intellekts an der Kunst, an der Welt Interpretation hei t, die Welt arm und leer machen , um eine Schattenwelt der Bedeutungen zu errichten Eine philsterhafte Weigerung, die Finger von der Kunst zu lassen.Kunst w [...]

    • Sontag is right about practically everything She predicts post structuralism and post modernism and warns against them She was a skeptic about Freud and Marx when it was not fashionable She was one of the first to see Ozu and Bela Tarr as greater filmmakers than their peers, and last but not least, she defends the aesthetic against the predations of moralists and politicians.

    • A pop fart from an amoralist of the 60s Amoral in that Susie would say or write or bed anything to promote herself in the marketplace A collection, which includes her musings on Camp, that seeks to achieve lit ry orgasm.

    • When I m reading a writer who speaks to me I ll often share quotes that jump out off the pages, and I did that a few times reading AGAINST INTERPRETATION AND OTHER ESSAYS by Susan Sontag Usually, those quotes are well received, but not Sontag s Friends dismissed her as second rate cribbing off of better minds, where I saw a dialogue But, whatever, this was the first of her works I ve read, and her first published collection, and I really enjoyed being in her mind for 300 pages She mostly dives i [...]

    • Saint Genet is a cancer of a book, grotesquely verbose, its cargo of brilliant ideas borne aloft by a tone of viscous solemnity and by ghastly repetitiveness a great sentence, or The Greatest sentence.

    • Una m quina de generar ideas, miradas inteligentes y sensibles sobre diversos temas Un libro clave de una intelectual de primera l nea.

    • I wanted to like this, I thought I would like this, and I did like parts of it, but ultimately it fell flatter than a sad pancake at some alternative to IHOP I don t know where people get their sad pancakes these days.Sontag has this whole war on philistinism thing, and I get that, and I think it s vaguely a worthy cause, but you can t help the philistines see the light if you keep using references to artists writers movies anything no one s heard of, and making judgmental remarks in passing wit [...]

    • I enjoyed this better then On Photography, which I do like a lot She s all the impressive as a critic when she doesn t restrict herself to writing a prolonged analysis of one subject The different sections here tend to be organized along mediums of expression rather than themes She touches on everything from the relationship to style and form, the role that suffering supposedly plays in the creation of art, corny science fiction films, book reviews, denouncements of pretty much the entirety of [...]

    • Cuando empec a leer este libro deb a literalmente pausar cada par de p ginas para aplaudir o gritar QU MUJER.Sontag da la sensaci n de estar tirando las palabras sin ning n tipo de dificultad, pero con la misma reflexi n del perdedor del Juego de la Vida porque s , en el Juego de la Vida, la derrota equivale a confinarte en un campo a meditar como fil sofo, porque eso no da plateeeta.Entonces, ella da ganas de todo De leer, de leer otras cosas y de seguir ley ndola De agarrar un cuaderno para ha [...]

    • I was interested in a couple of the larger essays in this collection like Against Interpretation and On Style but I couldn t enjoy most of the essays simply because they were about movies or books or authors of which whom I knew nothingSontag s writing in this book is very serious, very intellectual This sometimes leads to awkward, polysyllabic, obtuse sentences such as, In place of a hermeneutics we need an erotics of art This sounds very important, indeed, but I m not sure what she means, exac [...]

    • late one night when i was tucking myself into bed, feeling quite tired, i didn t want to sleep so i picked up this book which was the closest one to my bed and read the first essay, then the second, and over a whole month, these essays became a kind of dessert that i would treat myself to after a boring day at work, and it has been very refreshing to be able to comprehend susan sontag in comparison to the boring dense as hell texts i thought i would try at home but gave up on like other comments [...]

    • OK I picked this up because I really wanted to read Notes on Camp Because I love camp Duh And I loved Notes on Camp and I loved a few other essays, the ones I understood A lot of these essays are reviews and or critiques of French films and philosophical treatises that I had not even heard of, let alone read Sontag is brilliant obviously and I m sure all the essays were good they were readable and I felt like I got something out of them, even if I literally didn t know what she was talking about [...]

    • This is a necessary book for anyone wishing to enter into criticism of contemporary culture This, and my five star rating, isn t to say that I agree with her every argument Quite often in fact, I found myself counter to her thinking But what is admirable goes well beyond where I think she is correct I ought to write , but I also ought to apologize in advance to everyone who reads my own work since Sontag will have left an indelible mark on any criticism I write from now on But I m not going to a [...]

    • I m fourstarring this pretty much for the first two essays, Against Interpretation and On Style , which are must reads for critics and reviewers The remaining essays about specific works were less interesting, excepting those about Godard, Antonioni, and Ionesco If you re a fan of the films of Resnais or Bresson, or the novels of Camus or Genet not I , you might get of an intellectual thrill.

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