The Warriors

The Warriors The Kent Family Chronicles continue as Confederate Corporal Jeremiah Kent carries out his commander s dying request while the Union Army ravages Georgia

  • Title: The Warriors
  • Author: John Jakes
  • ISBN: 9780451213815
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Kent Family Chronicles continue as Confederate Corporal Jeremiah Kent carries out his commander s dying request while the Union Army ravages Georgia.

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      John Jakes, the author of than a dozen novels, is regarded as one of today s most distinguished writers of historical fiction His work includes the highly acclaimed Kent Family Chronicles series and the North and South Trilogy Jakes s commitment to historical accuracy and evocative storytelling earned him the title of the godfather of historical novelists from the Los Angeles Times and led to a streak of sixteen consecutive New York Times bestsellers Jakes has received several awards for his work and is a member of the Authors Guild and the PEN American Center He and his wife, Rachel, live on the west coast of Florida.Also writes under pseudonyms Jay Scotland, Alan Payne, Rachel Ann Payne, John Lee Gray Has ghost written as William Ard.

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    • The Kent Family saga continues in this 6th book of the series I reread this one in anticipation of finishing the series I was reminded how these books truly bring our nation s history to a lifelike retelling He has created great characters Jeremiah Kent fights for the Rebels in the dying days of war and risks life and limb to get to the wife and daughter of his heroic colonel who has died only to endure the wrath of Sherman s army sweeping through Georgia Michael Boyle, a Kent in all but name, f [...]

    • As the sixth volume of the Kent Family Chronicles, The Warriors doesn t lose any of the passion and action of the preceding five books One of the great things about this series in my opinion is that it is difficult to say that one was so much superior to another The books relate the times in which they were written and history unfolds in all of its glory The Warriors is set in a continuation of the Civil War and its aftermath The horrors inflicted upon the civilian population in Georgia and Sout [...]

    • Volume 6 of the Kent Family Chronicles covers the end of the Civil War and those first few years after So what s up with the Kent family Jerimiah Kent brings a message to his deceased commanding officer s wife and helps her and her daughter prepare for the Union troops under Sherman to come through He then heads west and becomes an outlaw with an Indian partner.Michale Kent Boyle helps lay track for the railroad You get a glimpse of what it was like with the Indians and the traveling town that w [...]

    • Shortly after I finished the fifth book in John Jakes Bicentennial Series, The Warriors This book focuses on Gideon Kent, a former Confederate soldier now struggling in the dangerous rail yards in New England, as well as honorary Kent family member Michael Boyle, worked on the transcontinental railroad Gideon s younger brother Jeremiah also makes an auspicious appearance Notably or perhaps not g , this is the second Jakes book I will have to replace after reading it to the point of it literally [...]

    • The Civil War is finished but not in everyone s minds The struggle s of the Kent family continue as the book meanders through American History in the late 1860 s.We are now following parts of the family tree in parallel and essentially running out of ideas and ideals.

    • Opening up with the battle of Chancellorsville, this novel picks up the Kent family as the Civil War is nearing its end Jeptha s sons are fighting for the Confederacy each their own way Gideon has joined General Stuart s cavalry, Matt has joined a boat crew and is busy smuggling goods, and Jeremiah is busy trying to figure out how he can best serve his homeland Meanwhile in New York City, Louis has married a woman from a very influential family and is busy expanding the Kent family assets And Wh [...]

    • Vol 6 in the Kent Family Chronicles follows Jeremiah Kent at the end of the Civil War and life out West as a buffalo hunter with Kola his Sioux Indian friend It follows Michael Kent Boyle as he works laying track for the push to get the railroad out West It also follows Gideon Kent who sees the injustice in workers vs management Then there is Jephtha who is trying to restore the name of Kent and get the family artifacts away from Louis Kent.I love the family dynamic and seeing each generation of [...]

    • This volume details the lives of Jephtha Kent s sons Gideon, Jeremiah and Matthew during and after the Civil War We also meet again Michael Boyle, longtime friend of the northern Kents as he helps the Union Pacific Railroad advance their tracks toward the Pacific coast This part was particularly interesting for me as the storyline takes the reader to Nebraska between Omaha, Grand Island and Kearney Louis Kent, Amanda s son, continues his scheming to get richer though his greed gets to him in the [...]

    • The usual great historical novel by JakesLike all of John Jakes historical novel, although fiction, it contain historical fact This story holds the reader where the reader can t put the book aside easily Great reading, JAKES paints a picture of an important era of American history.

    • Slogged through this one.Not my favorite book of the series I did learn what Hell on wheels actually means It was slower than the rest Not deterred from finishing the series however.

    • This volume finishes the Civil War and encounters both the builders and financiers of the Railroads Again there are members of the Kent family in many parts of the country fighting various types of battles.

    • A family can survive when they are a true family.Another great book about a fictional family and actual historical events The author has worked his magic once again and brought history to life again I highly recommend the reading of all books by the author John Jakes.

    • These comments address The Kent Family Chronicles, the entire series of eight books, in audiobook format All books are narrated by Marc Vietor The entire series is approximately 125 hours of listening Shortest book is 15.5 hours, longest over 26 hours Vietor does a good job with narration, although the uniqueness of male voices is problematic Most significant, you ll have little difficulty determining who says what to who Tempo and pacing fine, albeit the narration is a bit slow for my taste, bu [...]

    • Book 6 in the Kent Family Chronicles It deals with the Civil War and exposes the death and destruction that war brings I m reading my way through this entire series One thing I want to mention to potential readers is that these books were written right after the end of the Viet Nam war mid 1970 s This was a period in American society when the U.S who lost the war and quickly vacated the country was figuratively licking its wounds Thousands of young people had died during the Viet Nam war and the [...]

    • Book Six takes us into the thick of the Civil War and details what happened to Gideon and Jeremiah, the Kent brothers We also find out Louis s fate among other things, he gets divorced, which becomes important later on.I forget other details After a while, the books kind of blur together into one long tale.

    • Usually after six books in, a series starts to lose steam except for a book or two down the line For Jakes, he s starting to come into his own as a historic fiction novelist I grew up with Jakes North and South trilogy, and in the The Warriors he is starting to tell than one characters tales Half the books deals with the end of the Civil War, and the second half deals with the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, and the Erie Takeover scheme of 1868 by Jay Gould, and Jim Fisk Unlike earli [...]

    • Following the final order, and dying wish, of his commanding officer, Corporal Jeremiah kent has left his confederate regiment to deliver a letter to the officer s wife and daughter at the plantation called Rosewood After trekking across war ravaged Georgia, Jeremiah arrives at Rosewood to find a rift between mother and daughter and the plantation slaves eager for the freedom a Northern victory promises And with Union troops burning their way through Atlanta, and plundering every acre in their p [...]

    • Book VI of The Kent Family Chronicles Civil War Another fabulous book in the Kent Family Chronicles This episode in the family s saga covers the end of the Civil War, Reconstruction, expansion west, and troubles in the east As in every family, there are scoundrels, idealists, and warriors of every kind It had been a while since I read the previous Kent Family book, but as soon as I picked this one up, it was like meeting with old friends, and I easily slipped right back in to the family and Jake [...]

    • The Warriors by John Jakes I really enjoyed this book, the myths surrounding the building of the Railroad across this country It s easy to think of only west in this time period, which is only a fraction of the story The merging of the North and South politics are still with us today It s no wonder our country is still divided in our politics These books will make most people curious about our history, and that s a good thing These are easy books to read and rewarding

    • I read books 2 7 of this series in the last weeks of Feb 2013 While I liked the continuation of the family name through each generation, I could have done without every single important female of the Kent family being raped, sometimes repeatedly They no sooner got power and money than they lost it, and family members ran the gamut from good to brilliant to corrupt to sleazy to fierce to insane to bloodthirsty Lots of historical info, also, which made the story real and interesting But I would n [...]

    • This is definitely one of the best books in the series The characters, Gideon, Michael, Jeremiah, they are so strong and believable The story line is great I was also a little partial because there is a little of my own family history tied into this novel My great great great grandfather Gideon Sisk fought in the 63rd Virginia Infantry just like Jeremiah Kent Also, My great great great grandfather Henry Webb perished in Fort Delaware prison, where Gideon Kent lost his eye I have definitely becom [...]

    • Like the previous books in the series, The Warriors provided a lot of historical highlights, yet unlike previous novels the story was told within a relatively short time span The first half of the novel was very interesting, but the last half was somewhat dry The author has done an excellent job in this book series of weaving the fundamentals of early American history with an interesting story line I am interested in finding out if the series will finish with a bang or a whimper.

    • I found this book much stronger than the previous one It renewed my interest in this series While the author s descriptive language is consistently limited at times, it does give his characters a distinctly early American no nonsense feel I m still enjoying these books and I m excited to start the next one.

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