Herr Arnes penningar

Herr Arnes penningar En n rmast gotisk roman baserad p verkliga h ndelser i Bohusl n p talet Pr sten Herr Arne blir m rdad med hela sin familj utom en ung flicka som verlever Hennes de v vs sedan samman med m rdarna

  • Title: Herr Arnes penningar
  • Author: Selma Lagerlöf
  • ISBN: 9789174481822
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • En n rmast gotisk roman baserad p verkliga h ndelser i Bohusl n p 1570 talet Pr sten Herr Arne blir m rdad med hela sin familj, utom en ung flicka som verlever Hennes de v vs sedan samman med m rdarnas Ber ttelsen har b de kosmiska dimensioner och psykologiskt djup Den isl ndska sagans korthuggna och k rva stil betydde nu en hel del f r Lagerl fs ber ttande och st En n rmast gotisk roman baserad p verkliga h ndelser i Bohusl n p 1570 talet Pr sten Herr Arne blir m rdad med hela sin familj, utom en ung flicka som verlever Hennes de v vs sedan samman med m rdarnas Ber ttelsen har b de kosmiska dimensioner och psykologiskt djup Den isl ndska sagans korthuggna och k rva stil betydde nu en hel del f r Lagerl fs ber ttande och st r h r i samklang med stoffet.

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    • Selma Lagerlöf

      Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerl f was a Swedish author In 1909 she became the first woman to ever receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, in appreciation of the lofty idealism, vivid imagination and spiritual perception that characterize her writings She later also became the first female member of the Swedish Academy Born in the forested countryside of Sweden she was told many of the classic Swedish fairytales, which she would later use as inspiration in her magic realist writings Since she for some of her early years had problems with her legs she was born with a faulty hip she would also spend a lot of time reading books such as the Bible.As a young woman she was a teacher in the southern parts of Sweden for ten years before her first novel G sta Berling s Saga was published As her writer career progressed she would keep up a correspondance with some of her former female collegues for almost her entire life Lagerl f never married and was almost certainly a lesbian she never officially stated that she was, but most later researchers believe this to be the case For many years her constant companion was fellow writer Sophie Elkan, with whom she traveled to Italy and the Middle East Her visit to Palestine and a colony of Christians there, would inspire her to write Jerusalem, her story of Swedish farmers converting into a evangelical Christian group and travelling to The American Colony in Jerusalem.Lagerl f was involved in both women issues as well as politics She would among other things help the Jewish writer Nelly Sachs to come to Sweden and donated her Nobel medal to the Finnish war effort against the Soviet union Outside of Sweden she s perhaps most widely known for her children s book Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.

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    • Selma Lagerl f 1858 1940 Uma hist ria simples, ing nua at na forma como contada, mas poderosa pelo dilema moral que encerra.Aconselh vel sobretudo a um p blico leitor mais jovem j que possui elementos suscept veis de despoletar a fa sca que os poder manter nos dom nios da leitura.

    • I read this at Project Gutenberg and was surprised to see a note at the beginning that said the forward to the book would be at the end, since it contained details about the plot I thought it was nice of the transcribers to arrange the edition that way, since I have read a few introductions and forwards which spoiled the suspense of the book for me Sometimes it is better to skip such things until after the book itself is read The Treasure takes place in Sweden in the 1500 s We first meet a fish [...]

    • Selma Lagerl f knew how to mix a little bit of horror in this case with ghosts in the ordinary life of common people Her writing always remind me traditional stories.In this story Selma tells about a condemned treasury and all the people around it.

    • En kort liten sp khistoria om vad som utspelade sig efter att pastor Arne blev r n m rdad Full av sp ken, h mnd och moraliska dilemman.

    • A dramatic tale of murder and theft, deceit and vengeance from beyond the grave All crammed into this short little classic by Nobel Prize winner Lagerl f In a sense it s almost a nordic variety of magic realism in the best possible way Our heroine narrowly escapes a gruefull death, must sacrifice her loves for justice and peace of the dead and pay the highest prize to make things right And while that all sound a bit heavy, dark and nordic in the style of the later Strindberg etc this novel actua [...]

    • O Tesouro o primeiro livro da autora Selma Lagerlof que leio J tinha nos meus planos ler esta escritora este ano, mas o livro escolhido n o era este, mas sim o famoso A Maravilhosa Viagem de Nils Holgersson Atrav s da Su cia No entanto, mudei de ideias e decidi ler este pequeno conto Este livro um misto de mist rio e fantasia, mas ao mesmo tempo parece um conto tradicional da Su cia, pois tem alguns dizeres e saberes do povo sueco Gostei do lado de mist rio que a autora deu ao livro, tornou a hi [...]

    • Late one winter night, three barbaric foreigners enter Solberga parsonage and kill the old, well to do priest and his family and servants, and then haul away their valuables Only one member of the household manages to hide herself and escape the massacre Elsalill, a young orphan girl who had been adopted by the priest and his family So it falls to this girl, and to the ghost of her adopted sister, to see that justice is carried out.The Treasure, like The Lowenskold Ring, is one of Lagerlof s sho [...]

    • Comprei este livro na feira do livro que houve na Funda o Ant nio Cupertino Miranda, no Porto, durante o m s de Janeiro A autora foi me recomendada por um amigo, o que me fez comprar A Maravilhosa Viagem de Nils Holgersson Atrav s da Su cia e este, cuja sinopse me pareceu interessante, pois mencionava que se enquadrava dentro do g nero fant stico.Apesar de ser um livro pequeno, que numa horita se chega ao fim, n o foi um livro que me prendesse nos apresentado um ambiente sobrenatural, onde predo [...]

    • My first delve into Selma Lagerl fs fiction, and I was pleasantly surprised It took some getting used to, the old timy language and the setting 1500s , but it s actually quite enjoyable to read I found it to be very atmospheric, sort of feels like a mix between gothic and a fairytale, something you d tell around a fire in the woods For such a short novel it still feels very fullfilled I think is the type of story a lot of people would enjoy, perhaps not to the degree I did, and there s a lot of [...]

    • I have wanted to read something by Selma Lagerl f for a long time and I decided to go for Herr Arne s Penningar as I already had it on my shelf I was pleasantly surprised by this book It is a haunting ghost story that follows the aftermath of a brutal murder of a clergyman, Herr Arne, and his family and staff It was very easy to read, it reminds me of a very dark fairytale than an adult novel I really enjoyed it and it took no time at all I m looking forward to reading from Selma Lagerl f soon [...]

    • Herr Arnes Penningar or Treasure in English translation, is a beautiful novella by Selma Lagerl f Written with huge influence of good old nordic sagas, Lagerl f creates a mesmerizing environment, full of mysticism and makes reader live and feel the heroes lives until the end It is kind of a novel which does not really have any drawbacks, the plot and the writing are masterfully arranged and the only thing that comes up to your mind is to say that the writer is Genius Masterpiece.

    • The tale is brief and to the point The writing is reminiscent of the Bible or European folk tales, with its stock descriptions, frugality, and use of repetition The story thus acquires a gravitas which belies its fantastic nature I wouldn t have been surprised to have read this in the brothers Grimm It may not be particularly original or modern, but I found it quite compelling, a fable whose moral is perhaps elusive than it seems.

    • I didn t get this book I didn t get the logic of it, nor the story, nor the events, nor the dialogue, nothing.I m not proud of the fact that this is the only book I ve ever read from a Nobel laureate And if I already suspected, after Saramago s Blindness I went to see the movie, unfortunately , that I didn t speak this elite s language, now I am absolutely sure.

    • Intriguing and eerie, it is a consistent and solid ghost story that made me have romantic thoughts about old timey superstitions Great classic ingredients such as murder, guilt and inner conflict topped of with the paranormal and framed with a great dramatic structure It s neat and simple, short and sweet, and for that reason it might not be the most memorable of plots.

    • A classic ghost story, about the grissly murder of Herr Arne and his family a dark winter s night, about the sole survivor and about the dead who wants revenge I m a fan of gothic tales and Herr Arnes penningar didn t disappoint me.

    • Intressant och l sv rd f r sin mytiska och s genaktiga stil Men det gammeldagsa spr ket st r n got och jag tycker mig inte finna Lagerl fs annars s mustiga spr k Jag saknar ven den fantastiska gestaltningen och m nniskok nnedomen som terfinns i bl.a Kejsaren av Portugallie

    • Some absolutely stunning images in this story The murdered girl becomes a grey shadow dogging her murderer, whispering in his ear, leaving bloody footprints So eerily lovely This book is a sleeper, it crept up on me, and I was entranced.

    • Zaj mav L ska, zrada, ob tov n se pro l sku a trocha tajemna Dob e se eta a byla kr tk , ale i p es to byl p beh hodn dobr.

    • This would have been a good story in 1900 but it has aged poorly Elsallil s inner conflicts was a nice touch though.

    • Listened to this as an audiobook, read by a Swedish guy with the usual singing accent Couldn t quite enjoy whatever it was that has made this a classic.

    • ovo je zbirka klasicnih bajki, gdje se stvarno ispreplice s fantasticnim, uz obaveznu moralnu poruku, a te poruke su bezvremene neke od prica su vrlo dojmljive, pogotovo ona o blizancima.

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