The Illusionists

The Illusionists A shocking new world A dangerous choice Two futures preparing to collideHaving left White behind her in Angle Tar Rue is trying to make sense of her new and unfamiliar life in World Its culture is as

  • Title: The Illusionists
  • Author: Laure Eve
  • ISBN: 9781471402609
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • A shocking new world A dangerous choice Two futures preparing to collideHaving left White behind her in Angle Tar, Rue is trying to make sense of her new and unfamiliar life in World Its culture is as baffling as is it thrilling to her, and Rue quickly realises World s fascination with technology can have intoxicating and deadly consequences She is also desperatelyA shocking new world A dangerous choice Two futures preparing to collideHaving left White behind her in Angle Tar, Rue is trying to make sense of her new and unfamiliar life in World Its culture is as baffling as is it thrilling to her, and Rue quickly realises World s fascination with technology can have intoxicating and deadly consequences She is also desperately lonely And so is White Somehow, their longing for each other is crossing into their dreams, dreams that begin to take increasingly strange turns as they appear to give Rue echoes of the future Then the dreams reveal the advent of something truly monstrous, and with it the realisation that Rue and White will be instrumental in bringing about the most incredible and devastating change in both World and Angle Tar But in a world where Life is a virtual reality, where friends can become enemies overnight and where dreams, the future, and the past are somehow merging together, their greatest challenge of all may be to survive.

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      233 Laure Eve

    About “Laure Eve

    • Laure Eve

      A French British hybrid who grew up in Cornwall, a place saturated with myth and fantasy Being a child of two cultures taught her everything she needed to know about trying to fit in at the same time as trying to stand out She speaks English and French, and can hold a vague conversation, usually about food, in Greek.A random selection of favourite things Terry Pratchett quotes, characters with questionable morals, Jean Claude Van Damme, H agen Dazs cookie dough ice cream, anything Trent Reznor is remotely involved in even if it only extends to he once touched this artist s arm , bad 90s dance music and anything a bit weird see Davids Lynch and Cronenberg.

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    • The Illusionists is Laure Eve s second novel in the Fearsome Dreamer sequence While I really enjoyed Fearsome Dreamer, I did have some niggles with it, mostly to do with pacing and structure In The Illusionists these problems have all been ironed out and the book is a far smoother read and the story is still as interesting and complex as Eve s debut As an added bonus, the protagonists are easier to relate to as well, having lost some of their rougher edges The focus of the The Illusionists narra [...]

    • I really liked it in the end, though in my opinion it s a bit unfair to call this a second book it s just the second part of one quite long but good book What I did not like that the World picture still has some holes in it the Castle, too, but that s okay, because it s the way it should be but with the World I felt as if the author have cheated a bit What I did like language, vivid descriptions, characters that all have both flaws and redeeming qualities Surprisingly correct for foreign author [...]

    • Damn me and my crippling inability to give books low ratings I suppose I just read good books.Fearsome Dreamer was good, but not overwhelming The Illusionists, on the other hand, blew me away.Because we already knew the setting, the two countries Angle Tar and World, and most of the characters, Rue, White, Frith, Wren, and even Cho a little bit, there was time to focus on the intricacies of the plot, and the action I liked that However much I like world and character building, it was not a bad [...]

    • oh my god WHATTTT NOOOO I NEED MORE YOU CANT DO THAT TO ME GODDDDDthis book blew me away it was so great i love the blend of fantasy sci fi and dystopia, and the whole dreamer jumper lore the plot was insane in this one, it kept ramping up from the very first page these books are so good, i can t believe it s taken me this long to read them.

    • 4.5 stars.I ve loved reading this duology I don t know what I was expecting from this series but I wasn t expecting to enjoy it as much as a did I m very happy that it is just a duology, two books is perfect for this story.

    • More like 3.75 stars, but this book, especially the ending, was a good surprise I ve read the first book a while ago, and so I feel like a missed some things sometimes, and the middle and the beginning of the book didn t really hold my attention BUT THE ENDING Really liked it I liked it because it suggests that the main characters, although they got a happy ending now, won t be living a very easy life, and problems will come in the future, but the author only hints what those problems may be Al [...]

    • Read my full review on my blog HERE This was one of my most anticipated releases of this year because of how much I enjoyed the first book in the series, Fearsome Dreamer A big thank you to Hot Key Publishing for sending me a review copy The novel picked up a little after the end of the events in Fearsome Dreamer I felt the novel began with a great spurt of enthusiastic action and suspense The plot centred around Rue, and her life in World I really enjoyed reading about the relationships betwee [...]

    • I received a copy of this book over a giveaway and I m sooooo thankful So where should I start I thought this was gonna be a bit boring because I always think sequels are boring Boy, was I wrong.First of all, there are so many words to describe this book fun, exciting, romantic, sci fi, fantasy, action packed, Dr Who ish The end left me speechless and mind was tied in knots because of everything that s happened.Characters are simple but they make you love them so much The situation with SPOILER [...]

    • Thank you to Hot Key Books for this review copy I don t know whether I liked this or less than Fearsome Dreamer truly I think I like both the same amount, but each has something the other doesn t and if you were to mash them together they would have been a perfect read for me but it did have elements to it that worked for me Rue grew so much as a character, became someone who I didn t find myself frustrated by but understood, and to see that growth happen over a single novel was convincing and [...]

    • I m quite certain that this is the best book I ve read this year Packed with action, fantasy elements the Talented, the Castle and the monsters , science fiction Life and alternative headlines timelines The Illusionists is a book you just can t put down until you ve read every single page The writing is well paced, not too fast or too slow, although there are some timeskips, especially between the first couple of chapters Another good thing is that as the duology means 2 books, you don t have to [...]

    • Interesting plot twist in the final chapters, but it felt somewhat unnecessary in the scheme of things However, I appreciated the way that Rue was the focus of the end of the novel, as she drove the start of the first book She was what drove the story through both books, as they were both slow paced at times I would have liked to know about certain characters before they became so prominent, but overall I enjoyed this than Fearsome Dreamer I may forget World, but Rue in her Angle Tar will rema [...]

    • 3.5 stars This didn t feel like a conclusion to the story There was still so much left unanswered that could have easily filled another book Also view spoiler the whole Frinch Fernie explanation was unnecessary and instead of answering existing questions, posed new ones which was frustrating hide spoiler

    • I loved this story it was truly fabulous, incredibly creative and both funny and heart wrenching, I can t wait to see what laure eve does next

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